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Man, I spelled “experiment” wrong in that last post title. Somebody should have told me. Editing one’s-self can be difficult.


Warped Tour experiment…

Hey readers! Today I will be going to the Warped Tour with Kevin, the fellow who occupies the other room in my house. Seems we finagled some free tickets/”Crew” passes so that we can go film a band populated by friends of Kevin. Looking over the list of bands I realized that I know only four or five names of bands and have only really ever listened to one (seriously that recent Against Me! album is pretty awesome). So in an effort to make something interesting out of this, and taking an e-page from Idolator, I decided to start a twitter account for the explicit purpose covering our adventure. I’m sure overall it will read along the lines of “these crazy kids today,” but it should be pretty interesting and give you something to distract you from work. So in order to keep up on all the fun head here:

Warped Tour Twittering

Obviously I haven’t left yet (it’s about noon), so start checking in with that in about an hour. I’m gonna do my best to blow your mind!



P.S. Go to the Metronomy show at The Gypsy Hut tonight. You can ask me all sorts of Warped Tour related questions.

Metronomy @ the Gypsy Hut Tonight!

Metronomy plays at the Gypsy Hut tonight with locals Eat Sugar opening up for them. I promise you that this show is going to be loads of fun. Come on out, you won’t regret it!

Gypsy Hut

4231 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Here’s a track by Metronomy to wet your musical whistle:

Metronomy – Heartbreaker

P.S. – Theres a few more of their songs hidden in this post.

Coming up this week! In Cincinnati! Yeah, Here…Seriously!

Hey friends, sorry I’m late. There always seems to be something that happens on Mondays that keeps me from doing this stuff until later. Oftentimes I just get a little busy, but today I’m actually able to blame WordPress! Awesome! It just wouldn’t let me post. Can you say frustrating! In this situation I thought I’d do my more temporally based post first. This is a really good week in terms of stuff to do with you evenings. Without further-ado, here’s stuff to do! Continue reading

A Cincinnati Mystery…Bootsy’s On Fire!

As I was catching up on the local news today I noticed a little piece concerning the new Bootsy Collins/Jeff Ruby restaurant collaboration. It seems the restaurant, set to open downtown in November, had some fires Tuesday night. A bartender at Nicholson’s called it in and the firefighters came to put out the fires. Places under construction tend to be tend to be prone to fire due to all the open wiring and equipment, but investigators are claiming that these particular fires were arson! Dun-dun-duuuuun.

Of course, one could call this random, arsonists tend to be that way, but there’s something fishy here. The report I found over at claims that “lighter fluid had been used to set fire to blueprints, along with the corporate chef’s pile of work, which included about 10 months worth of recipes and research.” Seems like an awfully specific thing to light up when there was a whole unfinished restaurant probably full of things that would be better for starting bigger, badder fires. Does someone already have a vendetta against the new restaurant? Was Parliament involved? Is Cincinnati turning into Gotham City? Can I be Batman? Only time will tell.

Jeff Ruby says this won’t delay the opening. I’d say this is a good thing because I’m pretty intrigued by what exactly a collaboration between these will actually look like.

Look! It’s Chuck D and Bootsy Collins talking about King Records!

Monthly Comic Book Round-up…pt.2 – The Comics!

I know, I know, I promised this yesterday. Sorry, I got side-tracked. First I started reading comics and then my house-mate Kevin and I took a field-trip to Anchor Grill for pie and ice cream. Shut-up, it was awesome. But I’m here now, so let’s talk about those comics you should be reading. I think I’ve got a good little selection here for you. In terms of an introduction Id just like to say that I don’t really read “alternative” comics. Nope, I like my comics full of superheroes, villains, monsters and spaceships. You know…cool stuff.  If I can’t have fun reading them I don’t see the point in spending money on them. So let’s at some books about kids, french space-wars and characters you know and love… Continue reading

Monthly Comic-Book Roundup…pt. 1 – Cincinnati Stores

If you’ve been paying attention to the cinemas this summer, it’s no question that comic books are big business right now. During past summers, we comic book readers had maybe one or two movies to look forward to in this reagard and they normally pretty awful. Case in point, Daredevil, Punisher, Catwoman and Ghost Rider were all pretty unwatchable adaptations of beloved characters. This summer however, marks the beginning of what may be a golden age for comic book movies. So far this summer we’ve seen “Hellboy,” “The Dark Knight,” “Iron Man,” “The Hulk” and “Wanted” gracing our multiplexes. The beautiful thing about this is that none of these movies have been bad. Some were better than others (Iron Man and Dark Knight), but each one was extremely entertainging and brought something unique to the story. With Marvel reclaiming their properties, with the exception of Spider-Man and X-Men, and doing  a bang-up job of making comic-book movies properly, we’re in for some pretty great stuff ahead. “The Dark Knight” has also shown audiences that there really is some depth to a medium that is normally cast off as childish. With any hope the upcoming “Watchmen” film will do the same…or at least look totally amazing!

In light of this rebooted interest in comic books I’m going to peak the interest of the non-reader or ex-reader by covering what I’ve been reading lately. However, before I get to that (notice that this is part 1), I’d like to take a brief moment to highlight a few of the comic book stores we have here in the Cincinnati area. So pull up Google Maps on another tab and grab your credit card! Continue reading