Oh hell! Almost forgot…

rebo cakeI just realized that this is the one week anniversary of the blog! This thing is already more of a success than I thought. While my number’s aren’t massive, it’s totally more than zero readers. To be honest I was sorta expecting maybe 10 readers but I’m way out of the ballpark on that one. AWESOME! Enjoy that picture of a Max Rebo cake! You deserved it.

So, I know that there are more than the people who have commented reading this thing, unless they just visit the page a TON during the day. What does anyone want me to talk about? Seriously give me a topic. I’ll take submissions, I’ve got a million opinions. Help me, help you. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pace of writing without your help. Actually, I probably could, but crowd participation is fun.

P.S. I forgot to include one awesome thing about the city in the last post. Does your city house the “Super-Friends?”


Hall of justice


One response to “Oh hell! Almost forgot…

  1. We get the music update, what about the John Hogan book club, another one of those passionate topics.

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