Places to be…Grammers

I hope by now it has become clear that this blog is kind of a catchall. I’ve found it easier to blog about whatever happens along my mind-grapes on any given day, or hour as the case sometimes is. I also am hoping that you, the reader, has been able to tell that one of my primary focuses for the blog is highlighting Cincinnati. I’m aiming to hit everything from people and places to the more existentially abstract bits about living here.

That said, today we’re looking at a place, Grammers, located at the corner of Liberty and Walnut. In an effort to avoid giving you the whole backstory, we’ll say that I’ve lived in the Liberty Hill neighborhood (we’re not technically inside the Prospect hill boundries) for about 3 years. In that time, I’ve seen downtown change a lot. At times it was for good, other times, the falling out of Main Street in about a two month’s span, were not so good. In the entire time I’ve been living here though I’ve driven and walked by Grammers a million times, always wondering what was inside there. I could tell it was a good-sized place, the parking lot was massive for a downtown eatery. Long-closed before I came to the area, the darkened windows just kept teasing me. This is, of course, up until recent months when Grammers finally opened its doors again to the general public.

It was a day I honestly thought would never come. Now, on the restaurant end of things they are still at barfood mode, with promises to be upgrading to a real deal menu as soon as they can. The beer on the other hand is in full effect. To be honest I was so flabbergasted that I was actually in there that I forgot to take a look around. I can tell you though that the bar area is way cool. The glass entry way (not operational, you enter on the side in the parking lot) is beautiful, and the atmosphere, at least when we were there during the early evening was incredibly relaxing. My friend and I bought a beer and sat in the corner playing a marathon session on Connect-Four (which was only one of their large collection of board games).

I’m a big proponent of Milton’s, and have an allegience to the place as it is my neighborhood bar. We must remember though, that we are Americans. This means that we have more options for everything, everyday and in every way. This is why I’m overjoyed to have another nice relaxing bar to go to up in this neck of the woods. I love goin’ out and getting crazy on the occasional weekend, but the bars that are way more important are the ones where I can get a couple drinks, sit back and not have to yell. With the loss of a few of these downtown bars in past years it’s nice welcome one back into the fold. Thanks for coming back Grammers! I promise I’ll be back soon.


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