The Second Monthly Music Round-up


Happy July! I took a long weekend from posting, but I’m back. Promise. Hope all you red-blooded Americans had a very good fourth of July. Thanks to everyone who came out to the inaugural Party Garbage night. Kendall and I were very happy to see everyone. Sorry if the fog got a little excessive, I forgot to turn the machine off occasionally. You know it made things totally awesome, though. Hope to see everyone the next time we do it. Haven’t got a date on that yet, but you’ll be the first to know when we do.

Seeing as its the beginning of the month, what better time to have our second music round-up? This month we have a collection of more fun. Hopefully there will be a few things you’ll enjoy, a few things that will validate your tastes, and all things that will make you feel a little funky in your working environment. Let’s get it started, shall we? Boogie bumpin’ after the jump!

First up is a cover. This is one of those songs that you go into fully understanding that there it is inherently a novelty song. A electro cover of “Horse With No Name?” Totally silly, but oddly compelling at the same time. I don’t really care who you are, but everyone kinda loves America’s original. The one problem with it is that it’s hard to dance to. Thankfully A.Human has got you covered. This is off of their new album “Third Hand Prophecy.” Just a little what-the-hell to get things started:

A.Human – Horse With No Name

On the docket next is a pair of tracks from Studio. I was having trouble deciding which song I was going to put up here. Ultimately I says to myself, I says, “what the hell, I only do this once a month! Why not put two up?!?!?!” So that’s what you’re getting. The first track is their reworking of Shout Out Louds’ lovely summer-dream song “Impossible.” In a rare occurrence, the remix is actually shorter than the original. The second song is off of their totally amazing and atmospheric album “West Coast.” It’s tough to pick a song off there, especially considering that my favorite one is sixteen whole minutes long. So I picked my second favorite, “West Side.” I know these guys have gotten a bit of buzz here and there, but more people need to listen to them. I really want to see them live, and that will only happen here in the states if more people show some interest. So get on it!

Studio – Impossible (Shout Out Louds remix)

Studio – West Side

As some may know, I have an unhealthy obsession with Clark, the meticulous electronic musician. His album “Body Riddle” has stood firmly in my top five albums for a long time, amidst a constant flux of others moving in and out. I wont ever post anything off that album, so you’ll have to get it yourself. That album works best played in order and as a whole.  If you do pick it up though, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Your heart will be squeezed out of your chest by the time the one vocal sample appears during “The Autumnal Crash.” But dammit don’t skip to that song right away! Just trust me. Today, I’m posting a song off of his “Throttle Promoter” 12″. This EP stands as the bridge between “Body Riddle’s” cavernous lullabies and “Turning Dragon’s” destruction-disco. This here is the first track off of “Throttle Promoter.” It’s called “See See.”

Clark – See See

Alright, that song gets a little harsh, let me try to ease things up a little bit. There’s  currently a bunch of french folk who are making music, and who also seem to love synthesizers and 80’s music as much as I do. Now, I’m not talking new-wave 80’s music. More on the end of 80’s synth movie scores, Tangerine Dream and late-era disco. As a group, or perhaps collective, these hommes go by Valerie. As bands they go by names like Minitel Rose, College, Anoraak, the Outrunners, and Pony Pony Run Run to name a couple. The lovely thing is that you don’t have to be french to be part of Valerie, they seem to welcome anyone who has the same unity of vision as they do. That unity of vision being Tron imagery, shimmery synths and a love of sci-fi. Head to the Valerie blog for a better understanding, but I’ll set you up with a couple of my current favorites. Today I’m sharing Minitel Rose’s “Better Days (Part II)” and Anoraak’s “Nightdrive With You.” Enjoy ’em. “Nightdrive” has a really amazing ending. Well, to me at least. YEAH!

Minitel Rose – Better Days (Part II)

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You

Alright, this post is getting a little out of control….one more, I say. How about one to really chill you back out as you return to your daily tasks? This track comes to courtesy of Dondolo. I know little to nothing about this guy. I stumbled across his album “Dondolisme” last year and got a little obsessed. It’s got the synth tones and construction that I love. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously. This song, “Let Your Daddy Sleep” is just one of the gorgeous slow-jams he’s got on this thing. Just let it wash over you, it’s beautiful.

Dondolo – Let Your Daddy Sleep

So that should about do it for this month’s installment. By mid-month I should have another musical treat for you. I’ll be starting up the “Stop Working, Start Living” monthly mix. It will be a nice solid 45-minute to hour long continuous mix to keep you going until the end of the month. Also, come to Party Garbage the next time we do it. I’ll keep you up on the details.




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