Got music in the mail! Sort of!!!

I wasn’t planning on posting anymore today, but I got something in the mail! I had actually forgotten I’d ordered it. So you get to benefit! When I was living in Seattle one of my favorite bands to try and go see was Truckasauras…like the image above says. They made glitchy electronic music and had a weird redneck schtick that I personally enjoyed immensely. Their live shows were a flurry of wires, lights, wrestling montages and American flags. They are a little bit sparser than the earlier-posted-about Copy, but they share the same lush 8-bit aesthetic as him. There’s been a lot of talk concerning all this 8-bit nonsense, but I’ve only really found a handful of artists in the scene that don’t eventually drive me up the wall. So to end your day, especially after my super serious post earlier, here’s a few tracks from TRUCKASAURAS!!!

Before I post some though, I should say something. We all know I love downloading music for free. If I could get paid to do it somehow, I would be rolling in money! I still buy vinyl, and a lot of it, but my intake of music on the free digital level borders on gluttonous. This Truckasauras package is worth the buy though. The folks at Fourthcity and The Journal of Popular noise have really done a solid here. Instead of just releasing it on the cheap digitally or wasting their money on pressing CD’s, they’ve attempted to reconcile the idea of releasing things with no physical copies with the idea of album art. Now, we know, looking at pictures on your computer sucks, so they’ve tried to do something about it. If you go here you can either buy the straight mp3’s (booooooooooooring) or buy the mp3’s and have one helluvan awesome, big, glossy and pretty booklet sent directly to your mailbox. Plus it’s an edition of 1000, lord knows how the human race loooooooooves things marked “limited edition.” So, in short, I’m not putting these up for download. I know I do it on the monthly music roundup, but I paid for these one’s godammit. OK, maybe I’ll put one up. Two if you are nice to me in the comments section. Hey, Fourthcity folk, gimme the word and they’re down, I just want folk to buy that awesome booklet! Nevermind, they said it was OK, the other bold statement stands. Hey Truckasauras, come to Cincinnati on your next tour, I miss all them wires.

Not much by way of explanation for this, just listen and enjoy.

First we’ve got “Porkwich” which has kinda been my favorite since I first stumbled across them right before I moved to Seattle. I guess since I got that for free from somewhere a long time ago, it’s only fair you guys can have it too.

Truckasauras – Porkwich

Next is “Angels Sound Like Bottle Rocket”:

And finally a remix of “Ain’t No Danbo (When Hes Gone)” by the previously loved upon Copy:

Truckasauras – Ain’t no Danbo (When He’s Gone) (Copy remix)

Alright, those are all the mp3’s you’re getting! Greedy, greedy internet. Have a good night and a safe drive home!


Buy their album “Tea Parties, Guns and Valor”

Vist Fourthcity in general, they do work!




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