Hey…CCV, can I have a word?

As many people who pay attention to local news and politics know, there has been a storm brewing between local weekly City Beat and a, pardon my french, bullshit organization known as the CCV, or Citizens for Community values. Back in early June the CCV asked City Beat to eliminate their Adult Services classifieds as an effort to better our community. They held a news conference, to which City Beat wasn’t invited, publicly asking City Beat to make these changes. That’s real fair guys.

Thankfully, since then, City Beat hasn’t backed down. Cincinnati has a bit of a history of this “Community” bullying and frankly it needs to stop. Today City Beat took a huge step and filed a federal lawsuit against the CCV citing violation of their First Amendment rights. CCV claims that this is just an intimidation tactic by City Beat. To boil it down, even if it is intimidation, who cares CCV, you started this.

First of all, eliminating the ads is really a case of missing the forest for the trees. Whether the ads are there or not won’t change the fact that I still see prostitutes all along Liberty every night. What is it, the world’s oldest profession? Stopping ads won’t stop something like that. Maybe your focus shouldn’t be a local weekly (that’s right, not a tabloid, a weekly) but the root of the problem. The ads wouldn’t exist without what they are providing.

Secondly, Cincinnati is really trying to present itself in a different light right now. It’s taking a long time to get past that Mapplethorpe hating, race-riot having, image that we’ve been wallowing in. If we want to survive as a city, even surpass what we are, we need to be seen as a progressive city. Your ridiculous, religiously-influenced bullying isn’t helping anything. Now, I’d be a real asshole to suggest that Adult Service classifieds are the sign of a progressive city. It’s your bible-thumping pursuit for “community values”, on the other hand, that’s really hurting us. Trying to bully a left-leaning city weekly (an institution in any good-for-something city) is just trying to hold back what the city could really be. Maybe that’s what you want, I don’t know, but I have a feeling your naive criticisms aren’t helping anyone except yourself. Is this the sort of thing that justifies your own personal demons? The thing that makes you feel better about whatever you do when no one else is looking?

Finally, it’s all up to the parents. Clearly you recognize that these ads exist. Sex exists, prostitution exists, it’s all out there in the open if you want to find it. You know what you do then? You take responsibility for your own brood. You don’t pick up City Beat and leave it around the house. If you see your child reading it on the couch and he or she is getting dangerously close to those back pages, you take it away from them. You can’t pad the world. Some things are just going to be dangerous in this world and it’s YOUR job to protect your child from them, not City Beat’s.

So congratulations City Beat, you’ve made me proud to be back here, proud that someone isn’t putting up with the Cincinnati “leader’s” bullying. It makes you guys an agent for change in this city’s dusty leadership. Take this thing to the top! In fact, make things bawdier in the future. It’s OK to work blue.

CCV, stay out of my weekly. Let’s face it, selling sex is part of our city’s history



City Beat’s own updates on the situation.

CCV’s response. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Porkopolis blog, with link to WVXU report on the matter. Listening to things is fun!


One response to “Hey…CCV, can I have a word?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree!!

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