My bad, Journal of Popular Noise!

You deserve your own post too. Yesterday I posted a bit about Truckasauras and linked them primarily to Fourthcity. This is not a false connection, it’s very true in fact. My oversight lies in the fact that I talked a lot about the totally wonderful packaging that came in my giant manila envelope but did not once mention The Journal of Popular Noise. Kind of a dick move considering I paraphrased the guy’s really nice essay in it and have been pouring over its glossy pages for a couple days now.

Now, when it comes to music, I’m very much a packaging and design guy. A record is all by itself a step-up in the packaging game from a CD of the very same material. If the record, be it 7, 10, or 12 inches, can then do something interesting with the packaging my enjoyment increases ten-fold. I could go on and on and on about my favorite record packaging, but that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. Suffice it to say, I love music, I love design and yes, I am a person who will put on a record and then sit in my rocking chair fondling the package it was presented to me in.

This brings us to the Journal of Popular Noise itself, an entity which believes that these two things, music and design, should always go hand in hand. Take, for example, the Truckasauras album. The fact that I have the mp3’s as well as a physical manifestation of the album is a bit of revelation in this ever-changing world of musical distribution. It’s a tricky scene right now, but they’ve got a good thing going.

In my own opinion, we’re soon going to be left with two means of buying music, vinyl and digital copy’s. Now, when you buy a lot of new vinyl these days you also get a code to download the digital copy. This is a fantastic thing. As mentioned in the essay in the booklet, this allows for both the tangible feel and design of vinyl as well as the portability that the future of music holds. But why should purely digital releases suffer this a lack of design? Not having to keep things at CD booklet size opens up a lot of doors for new and interesting manifestations of the music you’re blasting into your brain.

But for you total vinyl purists, the Journal of Popular Noise also publishes/releases a beautifully crafted 7″ series, one that’s included the likes of COPY, Bora Yoon (awesome), Foscil, and Dutch Dub. (I mean, look at that thing, c’mon!) Now, I have to be honest, I’ve yet to be monetarily comfortable to order any of these, but I can tell you I’ve drooled over them more than a couple times. As soon as I finally feel like getting a job they’ll be populating the spot I’ve got set for them.

Straight from Journal of Popular Noise Vol. 1 Issue 4-6 (this song being issue 5) here’s COPY’s Untitled 2.

COPY – Untitled 2

So, be a good person and order some of these. The design AND music gods will smile upon you. It’s a twofer!

The Journal of Popular Noise

Buy their niceness here!

A nice little paragraph about COPY…and pretty pictures.

So, go buy, you know you’d want that on your mantle or mantle replacement structure.




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