Why Wait? Feel Great!

Every time I decide to walk somewhere I automatically think of that saying up above. For those of you who think that’s some terribly cheerful “-ism” from an annoyingly healthy friend, you’re half right. Actually, if you like to think of the signs above the the stairwell at Newport on the Levee as healthy friends, you are 100%  correct. My point remains though, that combination of words is catchy and now you’ll think of it next time you want to walk somewhere. The words you’ll want to say are “Yeah, let’s just walk,” but what will blurt out, alongside and impish grin and shrug of the shoulders, will be “Why wait, feel great!” Then people will look at you like you’re an idiot even though you’ve now bestowed the “WWFG!” torch to them.

This all actually has nothing to do with what I actually wanted to talk about though. For that, I sincerely apologize. I actually just wanted to talk about walking. The actual post will start after the jump. CLICK IT!!

All I really wanted to say was that I’ve decided to begin walking everywhere that was feasible. Honestly, I live downtown, well Prospect/Liberty Hill to be exact, and there’s absolutely no reason I should be driving. During my time in Seattle I lived in Capitol Hill. I worked about five blocks from my apartment and, with the exception of going over to my brothers, everything else I needed was in walking distance from me. The same is true here, but I’m so used to driving everywhere in this city that I need to really break the habit. As gas prices go up, the city will inevitably become more centralized, the neighborhoods becoming more independent entities. This is not to say that I won’t go over to Northside, I’ve got friends, bars and stores to go to there. The fact of the matter is though, that I should utilize the area I live in more though.

What better way to do that than to walk every last place I go down here. Foot traffic is good for the city, good for my wallet and good for my health. Don’t get me wrong, I love driving, absolutely everything about it. During the summer, driving with my windows down and my music up is one step away from heaven. I have a tremendous amount of unhealthy vices though, and as of right now I do absolutely nothing to combat them. I hate the idea of exercising more than hell itself, so I have to find ways of tricking my brain into thinking my body isn’t actually exercising. No, brain, we’re just getting from point A to point B with our legs today!

So whatever area you live in, stay there when you need something. Walk to your local grocer (I’m making my inaugural visit to Avril Bleh for some eggs today), to your local bar and walk to some of the stores and boutiques there. I haven’t gotten in my car for 3 days now, eaten at home all week, and walked to get coffee and groceries making my week grand total something like 15 bucks so far. (It would be less if I didn’t have some of those vices I was talking about.) Plus I’ve tricked myself into exercising.

This morning I was walking to the Coffee Emporium and almost the entire way there, the bell’s from the some downtown church played  me along with bell versions of songs from “The Sound of Music.” On top of that the weather was gorgeous. If that’s not idyllic to you, you clearly have a heart of stone. I just can’t help you anymore. It was just one of those times where I realized I wouldn’t get that sitting in my car.

Why wait, feel great.

Ugh, I hate that being in my head so much.




One response to “Why Wait? Feel Great!

  1. People even wait for those stupid elevators when all they have to do is walk DOWN the stairs.

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