Cincinnati: On the Up and Up!

Holy awesome, look at that podium! I’ve never seen that!

OK, sorry I got distracted. The news about Cincinnati has been giving me a lot of hope lately. When you make the decision to return somewhere, especially when one reason is you seeing a lot of potential in the place, you like to see news that validates it. From City Beat’s refusal to buckle under CCV‘s pressure to the beginning of downtown’s revitalization and even to the American Screenwriters Association’s decision to set up base here , I’ve been seeing a lot of wonderful things since I’ve been back.

Now, I promise this post won’t be a 500-600 word tome like most of my other ones. I know that my posts can be a little long for the standard Internet attention span. Rather I would just like to direct you guys to a news story, one that reports that I”m not the only one who’s been setting up shop here.

These are the sorts of numbers that prove that we’re doing something right in these parts and that we need to keep doing what we are doing right now. The development helps, the people help and Skyline helps. Big things in the future. On that note, celebrate this good news by coming down to Fountain Square tonight to see the Koala Fires, Pomegranates and Bad Veins.

Growing Cincinnati beats trend(!!!!!!!) – The Cincinnati Enquirer




3 responses to “Cincinnati: On the Up and Up!

  1. That podium is awesome.

  2. That podium belongs to the museum center, where they held the press conference. Usually, it is used in the Reakirt theater.

    And it *is* awesome.

  3. The [awesome, yes] podium looks like this this jelly made with a bespoke mold. Anyway, yes, let’s celebrate these small victories and keep up the momentum that’s building.

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