Toys…that’s right, you heard me!

Hey! Good Morning! I’ve yet to really delve into what would be my other loves in life. I’ve discussed what I’m listening too and what books I’m reading, but have yet to touch on what toys I’ve bought and what comics I’m currently immersed in. This post is gonna focus on the toys end of things. I’ll probably want to see Hellboy before we talk about comics.

Now, before I get started I should probably let you know that I am a lot slower and poorer than most of the people on the Internet. So many times I go to websites and I think to myself “how do people have all this money that they can just go out and buy every new comic and toy that comes out?” Generally this sentiment then reminds me of something: “Oh yeah, they have jobs.” But I say this only because I could seem a little behind the curve to someone happening across this. It’s not the comic folk I worry about, it’s the toy nerds who can be jerks. But hey, I live in a city where things don’t sell out immediately, a place where I can still go out right now and buy the Kozik Lenin 8″ Dunny. Have fun waiting in line for a hunka plastic! Big ups small cities!

Boy, that got a little mean. Whatever, let’s talk about toys! I thought you all deserve a break after reading my CCV post.

So, recently I’ve been trying to bulk up the part of my collection that consists of larger pieces. It’s going pretty well so far. Got some big ol’ Dunny’s, got those Gorillaz figures on the cheap, but I got a coupla other pieces that Ive been quite fond of putting on the mantle. When I was out in Chicago on my most recent visit I had a chance to swing by Rotofugi and kinda lose my mind. It’s not necessarily that Rotofugi is amazing, even though it is, it’s just that I kinda lose my mind every time I get around that many toys. Either way, let’s look at the bigger pieces that I was able to nab. I’m gonna be leaving these pictures kinda big, they’re prettier that way. Oh, and none of these pictures are mine. Deal, it’s the Internet.

I think that pretty much speaks for itself, right there. This fine young fellow is an 8″ member of the Dr. Bomb series, REDRUM they call him. This was one of those pieces that had so much going on in it that I liked, that it was next to impossible to not buy it. Between the smoking elephant, smoking bomb and the blood coveredness I pretty much decided on spot that this was coming home with me. He now resides atop my record shelves. That’s right IKEA record grid shelves, you know you all have them.

Reenactment of me finding these in Rotofugi: “Hey look it’s the Deko-Boko boys! Neat, artist Furi Furi made them into awesome orange skeletons! Holy crap, I get both of them? I don’t even have to choose which one I like more?!!?!? Crap…I’m spending a lot of money today…oh well, I’m on vacation. Right? Please somebody agree with me so I can just buy these and we can all get on with life.”

There’s one element of vinyl toy collecting that comes closer to addiction than any other collection-based hobby I have. This is the blind box toys. For those who don’t quite know what this means, I will briefly explain. Many times when companies put out a series of 3″ figures they but them in boxes so you can’t necessarily see which one you’re going to get. This is both frustrating and fun. On the one hand it lend the thrill-of-the-hunt aspect to it all. When you finally get the one you’ve been waiting for it is a pretty great feeling. At the other end of the spectrum, you can also keep buying from a series and continually get the same one over and over. Each figure is produced in differing ratios, making some more common to find than others. Now, for some, this could give them leverage at toy trades. I don’t really take part in those, so they just tend to be flat out annoying to me. For someone who has a relatively small collection they just tend to take up space.

Sometimes you have days where you totally luck out at your toy store and those are good days. As is probably pretty obvious to a reader, I had one of those days recently. I had been getting frustrated buying the series 4 Dunnys just because I kept getting doubles and ones I didn’t want. Well, no more, I took a chance again and nabbed the Kozik “Clockwork Orange” style 3″. Yes! I also managed to grab the one figure out of the “Life inVentsville” figure I’d been eyeing for a while. When i started picking up boxes it was pretty clear which one Grilly Bear was, it was about three times heavier than the others. Triumphant pictures!!!

Alright! That should do it for now! Hope everyone’ day is swimming along well.

For anyone interested, some buying info:

Rotofugi and Kidrobot for your on-line buyings.

Stop into Shake It! for your in-store local toy buyings. They’ve got a pretty fantastic selection for a store that doesn’t explicitly specialize in toys. Plus buying toys over the Internet is never as fun.




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