Cincinnati Show Forecast, Helping You Since Circa…Today

As a big follower and lover of music I find that there is one thing semi-frustrating about Cincinnati shows. Actually, let me rephrase that already, it’s both endearing and frustrating. What is this thing, you ask? The turnout at shows that come through these parts. For example, take the Holy Fuck show a few months ago. Now, to put a little perspective on this, the two or three times I’ve tried to see them outside of Cincinnati, be it in Seattle or DC, the shows have been sold-out. When they played at the Gypsy Hut recently I would have put the attendance somewhere around 30 people. Really guys? C’mon. I know there are more than 30 people in Cincinnati who like Holy Fuck. Even if you’ve never heard of them, just trust me, there are more than 30 people in the city who like them. The same thing happens every time I’ve seen Dead Meadow here. They are generally a sell-out-crowd band, but here were talking about the Southgate House being at half-capacity. We’re lucky their drummer is from here and that he likes to stop by home while on tour. [First a fun little rant, then a helpful 2-week calender]

Now where does the fault lie in this? Is it that people are just lame and don’t like spending the money on a show/going to bars/don’t like going out on weekdays? Or is it just that everyone relies on stupid Myspace to promote things? If anything I would blame that last reason. Promotion in this town is awful. Terrible. Embarrassing. If you promote on myspace only the people who are your friends will get the updates on whats happening. Where does that leave the person who would rather not have an inanimate object (read: bar/venue) as a friend? Up doo-doo creek without a paddle and a hole in their boat, that’s where.

People need to flyer the hell out of things. I know myspace is nice and all but its no match for walking by telephone pole and seeing a flyer for something. No, no, I’m not talking about the window of the bar either. I mean somewhere else…outside of the bar….where people who aren’t drunk and can remember things better are. Also, people need to get over this “it’s a school night” mentality. Going to one weekday show every once and a while isn’t going to lose you your job. Have some coffee, get out the door, and remind yourself that last night was fun. Here’s my two point plan for getting more people to shows:

Venues: Promote better.
Music Lovers: Stop being babies.

Of course all is not lost. There have been plenty of shows that have been packed to the gills and a blast. In the past !!!, Ratatat, The Rapture, and a bunch of other shows I can’t remember right now (keep in mind I was gone for a year so I missed a bunch) have hit a balance of being crowded but not oppressively so. One nice thing about this show stuff is that its pretty possible to decide you want to go to something the day of. In Seattle I maintained this mentality and was met with many many many “SOLD OUT” signs. One must remember though that if we would like to continue to have some national acts breeze through every so often we have to give them a reason to come back, by which i mean money. So get out there and go to shows, stop being a “I have to work, baby.” I may not have a job, but plenty of my friends do and they do things during the week. You should too.

Oh, shut up, it’s not like its every night. Suck it up. Go the shows.

Here’s a handy dandy somewhat biased list of things coming up in the next couple of weeks! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you of things the day of too. I better see some more people at these. So heeeeeeeeeere we go!

Wednesday, July 16- Billy Catfish woozily nudges out the jams at the Northside Tavern with Hoboshaman

(Update!!!) Thursday, July 17- Kaiser Cartel, Perkasie and Moon High play the Gypsy Hut. I don’t know those other guys too well but Moon High is awesome.

Friday, July 18- The Chauncers, The Sundresses, and White Girls are playing on Fountain Square as part of the Indie Summer series.

Saturday, July 19- The Koala Fires are playing with Rodeo Ruby Love at Taza (2900 Jefferson Ave. It’s by UC and was formerly the space of that Buzz coffeeshop.)

Sunday, July 20- Thao with the Get Down Stay Down will be playing at the Northside Tavern. This should be a great show and it’s good to see Northside Tavern making good use of the new back area by having national acts playing there. I’m sure this is going to cause a bit of a backlash from the “keep the tavern locals only” crowd, but I’m pretty happy about it. Face it, we’ve got a bit of a shortage of solid venues around here.

Saturday, July 26- For you kids who like things a bit noisier, The Art Damage Lodge (4120 Hamilton Ave., Northside) is hosting Hair Police, Wretched Worst and Wasteland Jazz Unit

Monday, July 28- At the Gypsy Hut we’ve got the 8-bit pile up that is William Side Atari Party and Giveupnewyork who will be sharing the stage with locals Dual Core and Nebula Girl.

Wednesday, July 30- I’m pretty excited about this show. Metronomy will be playing at the Gypsy Hut on this day. It’s a strange US tour, that’s for sure. They are hitting three US dates, New York, Chicago and….Cincinnati? OK? I’m not going to complain, it’s gonna be a great show. Here are their tracks “Radio Ladio” and “Back on the Motorway” to whet your appetite. (Again, if anyone with the band wants these down, lemme know)

Metronomy – Radio Ladio

Metronomy – Back on the Motorway

So come out to a couple of these shows. Support local bands and also support national acts coming through Cincinnati instead of one of those other Ohio C-cities. Also to keep on your radar (don’t worry I’ll do one of these in 2 weeks), A Place to Bury Strangers (Two time in 10 days? Tavern and Mad Hatter), Bowerbirds (Tavern), Don Cabellero (Tavern), and Bound Stems (um…Tavern). I would have put a lot of links in this, but WordPress is being a jerk. for the time being, look into some of these bands, go to some of these shows. Check back later and I’ll hopefully have some links up for ya.

Oh and also, in terms of DJ-esque nights, on Aug. 2 some friends and acquaintance of mine will holding the inaugural edition of DMF (from your friends at the Project Mill) which promises to be an audio visual dance blast. Also, my DJ excursion, alongside amigo Kendall Bruns, Party Garbage, will be having its second night out on Aug. 9.

And people say that there’s nothing to do around here.


P.S. I gave the calenders a once over, if I’ve forgotten anything feel free to put it in the comments!


4 responses to “Cincinnati Show Forecast, Helping You Since Circa…Today

  1. Oh, man, I’m stoked to see Thao again on Sunday! This time I’m buying a shirt.

    I very much appreciate this little schedule, John. Very handy You can have free reign of my calendar from now on…schedule me up.

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  3. Agree with the whole concept. But people forget one of the biggest reasons for lame turnouts at lots of things is simply because Cincinnati is too small of a city to support a wide range of stuff. Everybody wants Cincinnati to be Chicago be we are a fraction of the size. A single Reds game can dominate the entire event market for an entire evening. Myspace certainly sucks but telephone pole flyers suck worse. What’s needed is a little good old fashioned hard work in online marketing…smart web posting, building quality email lists, etc – Stuff cavemen are better at than most bar owners.

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