This post is only partially self-serving…

I know, I know, four days is a long time not to hear from me. Fear not, I am very much alive. I was in DC for the weekend and had a somewhat busy Monday. Well, busy for me anyways. Either way, I’m back and today we’re going to be talking about a couple of fun events events coming up in the next few weeks. Now, this is why this little post will be partially self-serving, I’m involved in one of them. In the spirit of good sportsmanship though, the other squad gets to go first. Plus they are first on the calender. So let me introduce you to two nights meant to get your feet moving: Dance Motherfucker and Party Garbage.

In the past few years DJ nights have proliferated like a STD that you are likely to get by going home with someone after spending a long night dancing at one of them. There are a few reasons behind this. The first is that, deep down, everyone likes to dance. After a long stretch in the 90’s where people preferred to not dance and watch bands that rarely moved onstage, people have let loose their joints and decided that a Friday or Saturday night of drinking and dancing can leave you happy, healthy and feeling great the next morning. This has caused a welcome return of talented people making dance music. When dance music is directed at people like this, it is a bad thing. That’s when you get crappy Ibiza style techno, meant mostly to be a soundtrack to you trying to get in some girl’s pants. But dance music can be done well, it can make for an almost transcendental experience. Sounds heady, sure, but I’ve had some pretty amazing nights that coincided with drinking heavily and letting my feet go nuts.

The second reason behind this is that DJ’ing has become extremely easy. There is still, and always will be, the traditional form of DJ’ing, but the concept of the “mobile DJ” has turned everyone and their grandmother into a dance conductor. With things like Serato and various DJ software things, it has become really easy to sound totally above-average. With this dance-saturation it then becomes the job of the DJ to provide something that people won’t be getting at the other nights. We’ve all been to nights where some guy is just sitting in front of a crowd with his computer, never looking up, maybe checking his email and not really caring whether you’re having fun or not. This is why I’m happy to announce that there are two squads of people looking to bring you something a little different.

First up, on August 2 is the inaugural edition of the Project Mill’s “Dance Motherfucker,” or DMF for you more puritan-minded individuals. Now, I don’t want to really ruin this whole thing by giving away what cards they have hidden up their sleeves, but I can tell you a few things about it. The night is a going to be a total audio/visual experience. They’ve been working hard on all of this already, making sure your mind will be totally blown for the night. I can assure you that there hasn’t been a DJ night as ambitious, in terms of scale and scope, in the Cincinnati area ever. With a seemingly ever-growing group of people involved in this thing, it should be a pretty impressive thing. Do you like dancing? Good, they’ll have that covered. Do you like when people have unique-to-the-night footage being projected as things are going on? Yes? Well then, you’ll be in luck, they’ve got you covered on that too. Trust me, you better come out, it’s going to be quite an experience and totally fun. Everyone loves fun, you and I both know it. I want to see the Tavern’s new back room packed to the gills on August 2. Where can you find this, you ask? Right here:

Dance Motherfucker (DMF)

Saturday, Aug. 2 @ Northside Tavern (back room)

4163 Hamilton Ave.


To place it in a family dynamic for you, if DMF is the older brother who went off to art-school, I’d say Party Garbage is the autistic little brother who really likes loud noises, shiny things, lights and confetti. After giving you a full week to rest up, Kendall and I will be presenting the second installment of Party Garbage at the C&D. The last time was a blast, and for such a busy July 4th night, we had a awesomely enthusiastic crowd. This time though, I want more people, more dancing and more cheap thrills supplied by cheap party favors. I started to do a little shopping today for it. When I told Kendall I needed to go get more confetti he looked at me odd and asked “Where, at the confetti store?” Yes, at the confetti store:

Now, considering we easily went through 72 of those confetti poppers last time, I think I need two boxes this time, but this is where I’m at so far:

Now, keep in mind, this is still a few weeks off. Buying at the party supply store this time was like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that stuff yet, but I think I need more confetti. I love giving the crowd something to do. Take that sentiment and add it to the fact that people love confetti, and you’ve got a the winning combo that is confetti poppers. Those balloons will be something awesome too. Oh and my trusty fog machine. So come on down on August 9th. Kendall and I will be loud and beat filled here and on this date:

Party Garbage

Saturday, August 9th @ The C&D

1714 Hanfield St.


So, DMF and Party Garbage have your first two August Saturdays covered…what’s your excuse for not coming to them both? It’s not going to be a good enough excuse, I guarantee that.




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