A Cincinnati Mystery…Bootsy’s On Fire!

As I was catching up on the local news today I noticed a little piece concerning the new Bootsy Collins/Jeff Ruby restaurant collaboration. It seems the restaurant, set to open downtown in November, had some fires Tuesday night. A bartender at Nicholson’s called it in and the firefighters came to put out the fires. Places under construction tend to be tend to be prone to fire due to all the open wiring and equipment, but investigators are claiming that these particular fires were arson! Dun-dun-duuuuun.

Of course, one could call this random, arsonists tend to be that way, but there’s something fishy here. The report I found over at Cincinnati.com claims that “lighter fluid had been used to set fire to blueprints, along with the corporate chef’s pile of work, which included about 10 months worth of recipes and research.” Seems like an awfully specific thing to light up when there was a whole unfinished restaurant probably full of things that would be better for starting bigger, badder fires. Does someone already have a vendetta against the new restaurant? Was Parliament involved? Is Cincinnati turning into Gotham City? Can I be Batman? Only time will tell.

Jeff Ruby says this won’t delay the opening. I’d say this is a good thing because I’m pretty intrigued by what exactly a collaboration between these will actually look like.

Look! It’s Chuck D and Bootsy Collins talking about King Records!


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