Coming up this week! In Cincinnati! Yeah, Here…Seriously!

Hey friends, sorry I’m late. There always seems to be something that happens on Mondays that keeps me from doing this stuff until later. Oftentimes I just get a little busy, but today I’m actually able to blame WordPress! Awesome! It just wouldn’t let me post. Can you say frustrating! In this situation I thought I’d do my more temporally based post first. This is a really good week in terms of stuff to do with you evenings. Without further-ado, here’s stuff to do!

Tonight (!!!!) July 28, 2008 @ Gypsy Hut- This evening, the Gypsy Hut hosts a squad of 8-bit style electronic acts. Performing are Chicagoans William Sides Atari Party, giveupnewyork, and the local NebulaGirl. I’ll see you there.

Wednesday, July 30 @ Gypsy Hut – OK, I’m kind of excited about this show. Wednesday bring London band Metronomy to the Hut, one of only three US dates. This will be a lot of fun, and it’s a measly 10 bucks. Eat Sugar opens. Don’t worry I’ll be mentioning this one again.

Wednesday is also the day the Warped Tour rolls through town. By some odd leg-sweep of fate both myself and house-mate Kevin will be going to this. We’ll be doing some filming for The Host. I haven’t had the intention of going to the Warped tour since the last time Rocket From the Crypt played on it. That being said, I’m kind of excited deep down. Don’t tell anyone. I did look over the band list though. I’d say of only heard about five of the names on there. Hope fully I can get some general video for yous guys.

Friday, Aug 1 @ Northside Tavern- I know this may seem ridiculous but apparently the Tavern hasn’t “officially” opened up the backroom. How do I know? Because Friday’s Jake Speed show marks the its “Grand Opening” on their calender.

Saturday – Aug 2 @ Northside Tavern – So here’s what your week should be counting down to. As I’ve said a couple times before, and will most likely say again, this Saturday brings you the first edition of Dance_MF at the tavern. This really is going to be something special, and I encourage everyone to come to this. I want to tell you why it will be so fun right now, but that will just be ruing the surprise. It will be way better if allow yourself to go to something you’ve never been to before and really eat up what they’re dishing out. I’ll be there, you should be too. Look, a poster!

So get out of your houses, you ding bats. This is a good week, take advantage of it!




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