Warped Tour experiment…

Hey readers! Today I will be going to the Warped Tour with Kevin, the fellow who occupies the other room in my house. Seems we finagled some free tickets/”Crew” passes so that we can go film a band populated by friends of Kevin. Looking over the list of bands I realized that I know only four or five names of bands and have only really ever listened to one (seriously that recent Against Me! album is pretty awesome). So in an effort to make something interesting out of this, and taking an e-page from Idolator, I decided to start a twitter account for the explicit purpose covering our adventure. I’m sure overall it will read along the lines of “these crazy kids today,” but it should be pretty interesting and give you something to distract you from work. So in order to keep up on all the fun head here:

Warped Tour Twittering

Obviously I haven’t left yet (it’s about noon), so start checking in with that in about an hour. I’m gonna do my best to blow your mind!



P.S. Go to the Metronomy show at The Gypsy Hut tonight. You can ask me all sorts of Warped Tour related questions.


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