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Great Show On The Horizon…Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

I’ve slacked a bit on my self-styled show promotion, but I’d just like to remind people of a great show coming up. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson will performing at the Gypsy Hut this Sunday, August 31. His album is fantastic and the show is free. If you’re in town, I don’t see how you have many excuses to not come. Because I know it’s tough to go into something knowing nothing about an artist, here’s a music video and a couple tracks to get you started. I strongly suggest that you get your rears down to the Gypsy Hut on Sunday. Fun media time after the jump! Continue reading


A Minor Cause…

I love living downtown, I always have. With the exception of my year(ish)-long excursion to Seattle, I’ve had my roots planted in the downtown area for near four years. I’ve watched Main Street slowly die and, thankfully, other areas claw there way up. Right now I’ve got a lot of hope for downtown and I feel like now, more than ever, so do a lot of other people. More and more people I talk to are either moving to the neighborhood or planning on doing so in the future. This is a huge change from a couple years ago where it was a struggle to even get my friends to hang out at my house. This is a great first step and is being pioneered by people who see what downtown will be. Not everyone has this kind of foresight though. Most people, and I can’t bame them, need a few more incentives to move on down here. The beautiful architecture, Findlay Market and incredibly rapid development just aren’t going to be enough to move out of Northside and Clifton. I’ve got one easy way to kick-start things. This is something that everyone who lives downtown, old and new residents alike, always complains about. The magic, oh-so-easy solution comes after the jump. Continue reading

I’m working on it! or Tonight at Murmur!

I’m working on a much longer “show calender” post due to the fact that we’ve got a load of good stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to get the word out on this one sooner rather than later. Tonight at Murmur there is going to be a great show happening. Headlining is Bulbs, who are a couple of guys who run around in the noise circles of music but produce something more akin to abstract minimalist techno. Opening up for them is my friend Alex, under his nom-de-musique Taiga Remains, Louisville’s Caboladies, and Wave and Particle. It should be a really good and noisy show at a newer space that should be paid more attention. Sorry, this is poorly written, but I wanted to get this one out before evening plans were cemented.

Make sure you look into Alex’s label Students of Decay. It’s totally a big deal and local. Order some stuff at his more traditional website.



Word of Warning…

Thanks everybody for being understanding during my hiatus. I was getting a little burnt out on life and needed a little time off to get all my assorted shits together. So, I’d just like to formally announce that later today I’ll be returning to blogging. First, I have to pay some bills, mail some bills and netflix, have a little lunch and then I’ll be sitting down to kick-start “Stop Working, Start Living” one more time. Once again, thanks for being patient with me!



Brief Explanation…

As it may be fairly clear, I’ve slowed down on my blogging. I thought, considering I do have a decent number of readers, that I owed some sort of explanation as to why you havent been hearing as much from me as of late. Really, there are two reason, one short-term and one long, and both keeping me from doing this regularly. The first reason I won’t be making much of an appearance in the coming week is both simple and fantastic. Tomorrow I will be going to Seattle for my brother’s wedding. Obviously trips like this are both enjoyable and event-filled, leaving very little time for me to update you on happenings and interesting things. I’ll be returning on Monday, so hopefully I can start up again around that time.

The second reason is not quite as much fun but of equal importance. The reason I’ve been able to write so much on here, as may be evidenced by the title, is that I don’t presently have a job. While I do feel the workaday world is a drag, it is no less important to have a job as dictated by my increasingly ominous financial situation. Anyone that has ever blogged or written a lot knows that even if you are just doing it off the top of your head it is still a very time consuming activity. In effect, as much as I love doing this, the blogging was distracting me from really doing what I needed to be doing, getting a job.

Of course, this does seem to fly in the face of the core idea of this whole thing, but it really is an unfortunate truth that we must all create an income in some capacity or another. The key detail that allows the idea of not working and my seemingly contradictory search for a job to stay separate is that one mustn’t let their 9-to-5 rule their life outside of work. The simple truth is that I need to bring in some money so that my care-free, loving-life mentality can be supported during the times I’m not at work.

In this unfortunate economy finding a job is an all day thing and I needed to start devoting more of my attention to it. I’ll be back soon enough. With a little more conscious work put towards getting a job, I’m sure something will present itself much sooner. This means that I will be once again able to compartmentalize my time into work, play, and writing. Things are so much easier to get done when you have less time in the day to do them. So, hopefully I will be returning in full force to my blogging duties soon. For the time being, the updates may be somewhat spare, I am but one man.

Also, and this is not meant to sound desperate, if anyone has any good leads on jobs, feel free to contact me. I’m totally fun to work with.

Hey, here’s a song!

South Rakkas Crew- Hot Patty (feat Sandy Smith + Professor Murder)




Tomorrow is a big day for scary awesome super science!!! As an avid science fiction reader I am always on the look-out for things that will make all my awesome nerd dreams come true. Pictured above is Large Hadrom Collider, or at least part of it. Frankly, when it comes to the science part of it, I have no idea exactly what this thing does but I will try to give you the gist of things. The LHC is the world’s largest particle accelerator and will allow scientists to study when and how some sort of particles break down blah blah blah blah. Why is this scary awesome super science, you may ask? Well, apparently when particles break down in this sort of setting it will be producing tiny black holes. That’s right black holes….on Earth…where we live…where we keep all of our stuff. Some people are worried that some of these black holes will maybe stick around longer than the nanosecond the scientists are saying they will last. I, for one, am totally excited to see if this thing swallows all of Switzerland and, in turns, ushers in the Apocalypse. More cool crazy science and pictures after the jump… Continue reading

Early Reminder…

Just like last month, Kendall and I will be DJ’ing at the C&D on August 9 under the moniker of Party Garbage. That’s a Saturday, so there are very few excuses not to come. Kendall and I promise more of a party than last time, and that isn’t a promise we take lightly. I think you could be pleasantly surprised by the strides we’ve taken in the last month. I mean, we totally have two posters this month, and I’ve spent a (relative) fortune on things that make a papery mess! So come on over and say “hi,” we don’t bite and we’d love to see you move.