Ooh ARG’s, stop preventing me from getting a job!

Those of you with jobs probably have no idea what an ARG is. It stands for Alternative Reality Game and they usually tie in as an elaborate, and pretty interesting, means of advertising a movie or TV show. Thing is, they can take a lot of time to slog through. “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” had one, “Jericho” gave it a try and “LOST” had a totally incredible one a few years ago. Now, I know these don’t necessarily have to be tied into TV shows, but as soon as they don’t involve nerdy television shows, things like this just feel waaaaaay too geeky. Thankfully two nerdy things on the horizon have begun ARG’s to keep me totally occupied doing nothing. SeekTheSix.com is an extremely vague website that apparently is prepping us all for AMC’s very awesome sounding “Prisoner” remake. I’m kinda slow with pattern-based stuff, so this one has baffled me so far. There is one fantastic one that just started up, and if you have a little time you should give it a long hard look. Jump with me!

The one I’m extremely excited for is District-9’s preemptive marketing scheme. I saw rumblings about this around blog-land yesterday and went to the site without realizing what it was for.As soon as I looked in the corner of the map and noticed it was for Johannesburg, I knew immediately what was going on. There’s only one thing that could think of that involved that place, aliens and containment. That’s right folks, Neil Blomkamp’s totally amazing short-film “Alive in Joburg” is getting the feature film treatment. For those of you uninitiated, set your mind to “blown”:

I have been praying that this would be a full-length since the first time I saw it a few years ago, and now my dream is coming true. On top of that, they’ve created one of the most expansive ARG’s/marketing schemes I’ve seen in a while and I’m sure it will only be getting bigger. Here’s a list of the sites involved so far (that we know of):





Enjoy not working for a bit!




One response to “Ooh ARG’s, stop preventing me from getting a job!

  1. May not be jumping on the ARG train anytime soon but I am more than on-board with the “Alive in Joburg” part.

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