September already? Monthly Music Roundup….

Man, time really flies. It’s time once again for the monthly music roundup!

First of all, though, that show I mentioned the other day was really fantastic. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and bad really wowed me, to be honest. I liked his album a lot, but he really killed live. It always makes me happy when someone is far more raw and ragged live. Like many others, I would have lumped him into a more “folk” category while listening to the album. Post-show though I’d say he plays things like he made the best Springsteen/Replacements album that was never recorded. His ability to down a beer in the amount of time it takes to walk from his guitar to the keyboards was also kind of impressive. But let’s get down to business. Let’s see what’s been lighting a fire in my nethers in the past month.

First up is a cover. I always seem to have some remix or cover that I put up on here, but I promise that this is the only one. Here we have Montreal dance-synth-punks Duchess Says covering Six Finger Satellite’s “Rabies (Baby’s Got The).” Their album, “L’Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs,” is really stellar and there are probably better songs I could have chosen off of it, but I kinda love Six Finger Satellite…a lot.

Duchess Says – Rabies (Baby’s Got The)

I love analog synths. The recent trend to distort everything in dance music isn’t a bad thing, in fact I like quite a bit of it, but for me nothing beats the smooth sounds of pure unadulterated synth work. I’ve been kicking around this idea to score a nonexistent over-the-top early  ’80’s movie for a long time. Someday I’ll get around to it, I know, but until then I’m content with listening to Giorgio Moroder’s Oscar-winning score for “Midnight Express” and thinking about what could be. Here we’ve got Moroder’s “Chase” from that score and “French Wind” by Russian guyoviches 7he Myriads, a song very much in debt to Moroder.

Giorgio Moroder – Chase

7he Myriads – French Wind

It’s no secret that I love the equation “Girl+PopSong=Yes!” and this week is no exception. Here we’ve got a new song off of Annie’s forthcoming album “Don’t Stop” called “Bad Times.” On top of that adorableness we’ve also got a song by NZ native, London living Ladyhawke who is set to release her debut this month. All the early words on this album is nothing short of fantastic so I’m pretty excited. All the songs I’ve hear myself, I’ve loved, so I can’t imagine I’ll be disappointed. Here is her hot-disco-shit single “Dusk Till Dawn.”

Annie – Bad Times

Ladyhawke – Dusk Till Dawn

Next up is a song that, like so many other times I’ve done this, popped up on my iPod the other day. It’s another one of those that eventually drove me crazy and I had to give it a rest. Well, it’s back in my life, and I don’t think I can get rid of it this time. Here is PNAU‘s “Baby” off their 2007 self-titled album that came out last year. It sounds like what I imagine living inside a tokidoki drawing must be like, an opinion certainly aided by the song’s adorable video.

PNAU – Baby

I know not everyone likes dance/electronic/pop music as much as I do, so here’s something completely different. “Odin’s Raven Magic” was a 2002 collaboration between Sigur Ros and Hilmar Örn Hilmars, as well as a few other people and the Reykjavík Orchestra. Based on the Icelandic poem by Hrafnagaldr Óðins (don’t get down on yourself, I didn’t know that without the Internet), it’s a pretty spectacular, and still unfortunately unreleased, piece of music. If you look hard enough on the Internet you can find bootleg versions, but here’s a really nice version of “Chapter 3” (Get it? Like a book!). Oh and seriously, listen to it all the way through, it gets pretty amazing.

Sigur Rós & Hilmar Örn Hilmars – Odins Raven Magic (Chapter 3)

I actually planed on doing more songs, but I suppose I can just hold off until next month on those. I figure this should keep you satiated. I mean, a couple of those songs are seven plus minutes! For free! Plus, I gotta save some for next month, there could be an unexpected music drought…you never know.




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