Oh neat! The proposed CAM expansion….

I found this over at Visualingual today, and I have to say I’m rather excited about this proposed new structure. While Visualingual and their commenters make some valid points, I’d thought I’d put my two cents in. The expansion is designed by Neutlings Riedijk Architects, a Dutch firm. I’m kind of a sucker for Dutch design. The Seattle Central Library, designed by Rem Koolhaas, was easily one of the highlights of my time spent there. Every time a visitor came to town we would take people there and it really never got boring. If you ever have a chance to go there and check it out, it’s totally worth it. I mean they have and entirely red floor! Look after the jump…

AND safety green escalators!

And the outside is some sweet “Logan’s Run” action

With my love of Dutch design in mind, I love the idea of this expansion. They have an ability, clearly evident in the Netherlands, to create modern buildings that are both bold and unexpectedly in-tune with the surroundings. I would love to see this proposal be followed through due to the fact that the building would be far greater in practice than in potentiality.I realize that that is a lot to ask of people, but I think this would be a very good and very cool thing.

For me though, this expansion really comes down to this: Do I want to look at it everyday. I honestly wouldn’t be able to avoid it. Here, let me show you:

That’s the view from the top of my steps. Behind that house is the current CAM structure. Once this thing would be built, I would literally see it every single day. As far as I can tell, it would be placed right in the middle of that picture. If I knew how to use photoshop properly, or even owned it, I would have BS’ed the thing in there, but you’ll just have to use your imagination. So, would I like to see an Art Tower every time I walked outside? YES, yes I would. It would make me feel like I was living in the future all the time! Every good-for-something future-city has a towering structure visible from all over. See, look:

Future tower! Everyday! For me! I also don’t really think something like this would scare people off. If anything, a new and interesting building might bring some new faces to the CAM, curious about what is is happening inside their wizard tower. I say go for it.




One response to “Oh neat! The proposed CAM expansion….

  1. If you’re curious to learn more about the expansion plans, you should check out one of the Q&A sessions that Aaron Betsky is hosting [next one is 24 Sep, 7pm].

    I’m excited that this is happening, not sold on the tower idea yet [though not NOT sold on it either], and definitely a bit befuddled by the form. It will make a dramatic impact, though, and it’s amazing to see how much it will impact your own view.

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