I’m all for taking a stand, but seriously, finally…


Does that house in the right of that picture look familiar? Well it should if you’ve ever been around the Rookwood shopping behemoth. That’s Joe Horney’s house and he was the finally holdout in one of the largest “Eminent Domain” battles ever seen. Well, apparently he held out just long enough to get a nice big 1.25 million dollar paycheck. I’m all about keeping pushy legislators in check, but I’m glad this was finally resolved. It had become a bit of a depressing chain-linked eyesore. As a result of this whole showdown, Ohio now has stricter rules about the usage of eminent domain and Mr. Horney will be able to enjoy quite the retirement! While I’m not sure Rookwood really needs to continue sprawling into the area (why not try some other location guys?), I’ll honestly be glad to see the land put to some sort of use.

“Lone eminent domain property sold” (Enquirer)




6 responses to “I’m all for taking a stand, but seriously, finally…

  1. What a waste of time, money, and energy. This area has the potential to become the shopping mecca for Cincinnati, but the stalling of this project in particular is what opened the door for new/better things at Kenwood. What an unfortunate set of events.

  2. Yeah, its been phenomenal waste of all those things. When I moved out here for school I was supposed to be transferred from my Crate & Barrel stock room job to the one that was to inhabit that plot of land…that was about six years ago.

  3. Funny, I see it way differently. Reminds me of the photo of the student in Tiananmen Square facing the tanks. It’s just plain wrong to steal people’s homes, and for a shopping center?? Our founding fathers would not be happy with the invasive role of government in this. I’m glad the gentlman got the money his property was worth, but quite honestly, that house could stay there forever. I find it an energizing memorial.

  4. Oh sure, it’s just like Tiananmen square! How much was the big fat paycheck the “tank man” ended up getting for standing up to his government?

    Listen, I get what you are trying to say, I do. To a certain degree I’ll even agree with you. However, I think comparing this to Tiananmen square is a bit off-base. Seriously, this is nothing like Tiananmen square, and to attempt to add weight to the situation by comparing to one of history’s most compelling examples of “people vs. their government” is an insult to all those Chinese protestors.

    I’m not happy about eminent domain. Never liked it, never will. I think it is unfair and embarrassing that it was ever conceived that our government could have this power, and I’m glad that the handful of people stood their ground on the matter and helped to restrict the usage of eminent domain. But let us keep something in mind, as far as I can tell this wasn’t Mr. Horney’s boyhood home. They weren’t tearing him away from where he used to bike around, trade baseball cards and wait for the Ice Cream man to come. Nope, in the second paragraph of the article it is revealed that this was a rental house he owned. I’ll clarify, he didn’t live there, he rented the house out. If this was about politics and law he would have backed out as soon as they had made their point by climbing up the legal ladder and being successful about it. I’m not usually this callous about things, but something tells me that was sort of about squeezing sap from the money tree Mr. Horney found sitting in the front yard of his rental house.

  5. Said the photo reminded me of Tiananmen Square–not Mr Horney.
    Besides standing up to “The Man” comes in all different guises. If you don’t practice with the minor ones you won’t be able to do it for the big ones. Standing for what is right is like a muscle and needs to be worked regularly. Whether his thought of right was getting market value for his property or defending his home–he still did it and I say,”Good for him.”

  6. What I want to know is why “they” are continuing to put up more shopping malls when the average US resident can’t even afford to set foot in one these days? I understand this project was planned nearly a decade ago, but to continue to push forward with such vigor in our weak economic state seems pointless. I feel like it’s going to be another Clifton Heights strip mall disaster. Fuck Tiananmen Square, this is exactly like Inn The Wood (except without the yummy hash browns)! What’s the fucking point?

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