Here Comes Midpoint!

At the end of this month we will be treated to the Midpoint Music Festival. They’ve just put the schedule up on their site, so I thought I’d share it with you (after the jump of course, we like keeping things clean on the front page). Of course, this schedule will look mightily daunting at first glance, so I’m here to tell you that in the coming weeks I’ll be dutifully and slowly working through the list to handpick some top choices to fill your nights, and to let you know about what some of the changes this year are, all thanks to Citybeats newly minted ownership of the festival. So go ahead, buy the 3-day wristband! There is so much to do each day that even if you only go two, it would still be worth the 15 bucks per day. It’s just a good idea. Go to Midpoint’s website to buy them! And just to remind you, The Mocks, previously talked about on here, are great and are playing at the Aronoff at 9pm on Saturday. Full schedule after the jump!

Thursday Friday Saturday
Arnold’s Bar & Grill
8:00pm : Tim Hinde
9:00pm : Sudden Death
10:00pm : The Tillers
11:00pm : Magnolia Mountain 

Aronoff 5/3 Theater
9:00pm : The Chocolate Horse
10:00pm : Daniel Martin Moore
11:00pm : Why? 

Below Zero Lounge (upstairs)
8:00pm : The Flux Capacitors
9:00pm : Spookfloaters
10:00pm : Daughters & Sons
11:00pm : Eclipse 

Blue Wisp Jazz Club
8:00pm : Xela Zaid/Alex Diaz/Ho Chi Minh
9:00pm : Peter Adams
10:00pm : Spectrum 

Buddakhan’s Classic Rock Cafe
9:00pm : Shrug
10:00pm : The Weightlifters
11:00pm : SCRIMSHAW 

Cadillac Ranch
8:00pm : Marvin and the Experience
9:00pm : Buckra
10:00pm : Joe Hedges
11:00pm : the Sonny Moorman Group 

Coffee Emporium
8:00pm : Stephen Moore
8:45pm : Addie Loy
9:30pm : Wake the Bear
10:15pm : Megan King
11:00pm : Scott Metcalf 

Courtyard Cafe
8:00pm : Russenorsk
9:00pm : Heevahava
10:00pm : BLACK OWLS
11:00pm : The Swarthy Band 

Inner Peace Center Stage
8:00pm : Ill Poetic
9:00pm : Eagle to Squirrel
10:00pm : Coltrane Motion
11:00pm : The Turnbull AC’s 

Know Theater Downstairs
8:30pm : Ric Hickey
9:30pm : Cash Flagg
10:30pm : LovelyCrash 

Know Theater Main Stage
9:00pm : The Cincinnati Suds
10:00pm : Junior Revolution
11:00pm : Oh My God 

Lodge Bar
8:30pm : Pete Dressman and the Soul Unified Nation
9:30pm : noctaluca
10:30pm : THE ELMS
12:00am : Ruckus Roboticus 

New Stage Collective
8:30pm : Ryan Adcock
9:30pm : The Newbees
10:30pm : The Rockwells 

Southgate House
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : The High Strung
10:00pm : Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships 

The Subway Bar and Lounge
8:00pm : The Frankl Project
9:00pm : Blastronauts
10:00pm : The Read
Arnold’s Bar & Grill
8:30pm : Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar
9:30pm : Stevie Lee Combs
10:30pm : The Emeralds
11:30pm : Jon Justice 

Aronoff 5/3 Theater
8:00pm : Rosehips
9:00pm : The Purrs
10:00pm : Say Hi
11:00pm : Jukebox The Ghost 

Below Zero Lounge (upstairs)
8:30pm : Artists & Authors
9:30pm : Otter Petter
10:30pm : The Sailing
11:30pm : Go Motion 

Blue Wisp Jazz Club
8:00pm : Cool Hand Luke
9:00pm : mouse fire
10:00pm : The Dark Romantics
11:00pm : Look Mexico
12:00am : Baby Teeth
1:00am : Pomegranates 

Buddakhan’s Classic Rock Cafe
8:30pm : Rosella
9:30pm : fizzgig
10:30pm : Kink Ador
11:30pm : Jared Mahone Band 

Cadillac Ranch
8:30pm : Tyler Traband
9:30pm : Cari Clara
10:30pm : Cavashawn
11:30pm : HEY MISTER 

Coffee Emporium
8:00pm : Trace Walker
8:45pm : The Sloes
9:30pm : Jayne Sachs
10:15pm : Alyse Black
11:00pm : Elisa Nicolas 

Courtyard Cafe
9:00pm : Idaho, Alaska
10:00pm : Hot Cha Cha
11:00pm : Eat Sugar
12:00am : Oddknock 

Ink Tank
8:30pm : Boss Monkey
9:30pm : Broadcast Live
10:30pm : Taina Asili
11:30pm : Scratch Track 

Inner Peace Center Stage
8:00pm : Romance of Young Tigers
9:00pm : the Winter Sounds
10:00pm : Johnnytwentythree
11:00pm : Lonely China Day 

Know Theater Downstairs
8:00pm : Goose
9:00pm : Culture Queer
10:00pm : The Swimmers 

Know Theater Main Stage
9:00pm : TBA
10:00pm : Jake Speed & The Freddies
11:00pm : A A Bondy
12:00am : The Felice Brothers 

Lodge Bar
8:00pm : Moon High
9:00pm : Troubadour Dali
10:00pm : Pearlene
11:00pm : Buffalo Killers 

New Stage Collective
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : ATHENS
10:00pm : Rebel Red
11:00pm : Southeast Engine
12:00am : Dane Clark 

Southgate House
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : The Hiders
10:00pm : The Sadies 

Southgate House Parlour
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : Ampline
10:00pm : Knife the Symphony
11:00pm : Caterpillar Tracks
12:00am : Alone at 3am 

The Subway Bar and Lounge
9:00pm : Dj Sid-the Apocalypze
10:00pm : da muttss
11:00pm : The Seedy Seeds
12:00am : Chico Fellini
Arnold’s Bar & Grill
9:00pm : Sohio
10:00pm : Seth
11:00pm : Mack West
12:00am : The Jarts 

Aronoff 5/3 Theater
9:00pm : The Mocks
10:00pm : Wussy
11:00pm : Headlights 

Below Zero Lounge (upstairs)
8:30pm : The Host
9:30pm : The Matt Truman Ego Trip
10:30pm : Love in October
11:30pm : entheos 

Blue Wisp Jazz Club
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : Iolite
10:00pm : SOUSE
11:00pm : Dan Karlsberg Group 

Buddakhan’s Classic Rock Cafe
8:00pm : CHETT
9:00pm : Bamboo Needle
10:00pm : Kadro
11:00pm : TEAM ROCKIT
12:00am : The Banana Convention 

Cadillac Ranch
8:00pm : Pale Hollow
9:00pm : David Andrew Smith
10:00pm : The Framework
11:00pm : Cipes and the People
12:00am : Flow 

Coffee Emporium
8:00pm : Greg Mahan
8:45pm : Andy Brasher
9:30pm : Nathan Holscher
10:15pm : Ali Edwards
11:00pm : Mike Reeb 

Courtyard Cafe
9:00pm : The Electric Souls
10:00pm : The Harlequins
11:00pm : Cinema, Cinema
12:00am : The Lions Rampant 

Ink Tank
8:30pm : Wonky Tonk
9:30pm : Chad Mills
10:30pm : Toads and Mice
11:30pm : 40 East 

Inner Peace Center Stage
8:00pm : Al Hidalgo
9:00pm : Kim taylor
10:00pm : mallory
11:00pm : Paper Airplane 

Know Theater Downstairs
8:30pm : The Payola Reserve
9:30pm : The Koala Fires
10:30pm : William Sides Atari Party 

Know Theater Main Stage
9:00pm : Yoshi
10:00pm : God Made Me Funky

Lodge Bar
9:00pm : 500 miles to memphis
10:00pm : Ha Ha Tonka
11:00pm : Backyard Tire Fire 

New Stage Collective
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : Jeff Scott Roberson
10:00pm : Girls Guns and Glory
11:00pm : Faux Frenchmen
12:00am : The Death of Jason Brody 

Southgate House
8:00pm : TBA
9:00pm : Fairmount Girls
10:00pm : Mates of State 

The Subway Bar and Lounge
8:00pm : The Excitement
9:00pm : Diet Audio
10:00pm : Umbrella Tree
11:00pm : The Sundresses
12:00am : Captain of Industry

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