Party Garbage! Tomorrow Night! 09/13/08

Tomorrow night! Kendall and I will be once again hosting our monthly dance party at the C&D, Party Garbage. Come celebrate moving forward in the year and the return to hoodie/jacket/sweater weather! As always, there will be plenty of pure pop pleasure, confetti, balloons, lights and fog. I’m literally about to head out the door right now to do my prep shopping. So please come hang out, we love our friends, old and new alike! Musical treat after the jump…

The official Party Garbage garbage can will be there too. He wants to hang out.

Here’s the song that inspired my own personal and highly unofficial theme for this month. It’s by a Dutch 80’s synth-pop group called Future World Orchestra. They were huuuuuuge in the Netherlands. Here is “I’m Not Afraid of the Future.”

Future World Orchestra – I’m Not Afraid of the Future


1714 Hanfield St., Northside





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