You, You’re Awesome…

Twice a week there are bands in my basement. Both of these bands involve the two mysterious people above. For the sake of people not thinking I’m totally full of myself (I mean, I am a little bit), I would like to say for the record I am neither of these people. The other band will be revealed in due time, but for now let’s just focus on one of them. You, You’re Awesome is a live-electronics, all drums ruckus machine that will be invading our fair city any day now. As the only person who has actually heard them play live, I promise you that they are going to be your new favorite band. Let’ learn more, let’s listen, let’s jump!

By the time they play their first show, all of you, who are awesome, will be able to have and hold their debut EP (at least tentatively title “You’re a Fun Drunk”), something the both of them have worked oh-so-hard on. They recorded the drums at Ultrasuede a month or so ago and are nearing the end of the mixing process. All that is left is figuring out packaging. You know, the fun and laborious part.

Until the day that they grace the stage and release said EP, here is their brand spanking new remix of (Cincinnati ex-pats) Coltrane Motion’s “How To Be.” Though this song will never be played live, I can say it sounds amazing that way. Enjoy, this should help brighten this grey day.

Coltrane Motion – How To Be (You You’re Awesome Remix)

Coltrane Motion will be playing MPMF September 25 at the Inner Peace Center Stage with Turnbull AC’s.

YYA will be playing…sometime.


You, You’re Awesome website, which should be a fancier, bunny-filled site any day now.




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