Gift Giving…


I know we are all broke. Until this past weekend I hadn’t really left my neighborhood in about three weeks. I get it. For the most part, I would say that Christmas is taking a year off. Kids should get presents due to their being children, but adults should take it easy. HOWEVER, you should still buy presents for a select few. Since I’ve been poor-ish for a while my family already know who the lucky few are and have come to grips with it… or  have never noticed I don’t buy them anything. If you are going to buy presents this year, I urge you to go local. Now, I don’t really have a vehement hate for most big-box stores. In fact, the idea of buying bananas, a PS3, a digital tire pressure gauge and a Beta fish all in the same space has always seemed vaguely pleasurable to me. But this year I ask you to stay away from the malls, the Targets and any other space that takes 10 minutes to walk across. 

Instead take a trip downtown to some of the new stores on Vine, take a wintery stroll on Main, get a cup of coffee at the Emporium or Iris Book Cafe. Your legs, lungs and city’s economy will thank you.  This year offers something I had never really seen too much of before either, well designed Cincinnati paraphernalia! Forgive me if this started popping up last year, but I wasn’t here. Things such as this show a real change in attitude towards a city. When I first moved here the city’s humility was taken too far, to the point where the somewhat endearing “nothing special” view led to the question “Why would anyone in their right mind live here?” It’s nice to see more people liking this city I decided to call home as much as I do.

So head on down to MiCA 12/v, HighStreet, Park + Vine, and the other stores in the downtown area who I can’t remember off the top of my head. The picture above is of a print by my blog-based acquaintance over at Visualingual. Look at all those colorways up there! You  can buy those at their online shop and MiCA 12/v. Hope to see all you kids downtown this shopping season!

We are always looking for something to make the holiday season a little more bearable and I think we all can agree that big retailers never help that. Skip the crowds, buy locally and enjoy downtown.

Take a look at the Buycincy gift guide for some ideas!




3 responses to “Gift Giving…

  1. Thanks for putting the link for that. The whole time I was writing that post I kept saying to myself “Remember to link to that buycincy thing.” No luck, oh well.

  2. Hey, thanks for the love! There have also been a couple of local shopping promotions [the city-wide Cincinnati Unchained and the OTR-based Holidays in the Bag] that have been encouraging people to shop locally. Even the Enquirer and CIN Weekly got into the spirit by publishing gift guides focused on local, independently-owned shops and designers.

    Also, this Saturday, local kick-ass arts non-profits are both having sales of goods by local peeps: Visionaries & Voices and ArtWorks [which is actually an on-going event, but this Saturday will features cookies baked by the staff].

    I’m really glad that people are being more careful, not only about how much they spend and on what, but how they shop. I’m sure that less money is being spent over all, but hopefully more of it is staying right in the community.

    Thanks for posting this!

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