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Give me a minute…

Hey, I’ll get back to this whole thing in a little bit, I’ve got a few more pressing matters to deal with at present.  In the time being, head over to Cincy Streetcar’s new blog. This is something, especially with Obama’s promise to stimulate the economy via infrastructure projects, that we Cincinnatians need to get behind. People are trying to halt its progress and that is a real shame. So read, support and sell it to your friends.

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Let me introduce you to… White Rock

There was a time when the Olympics didn’t take over your television sets for a full two week block. Before the advent of same-day satellite footage, a team of filmmakers would throw together Olympic highlights into a newsreel type of documentary so people could, if just for a couple of hours, participate in the current happenings overseas. By 1976 though, the ability to broadcast from overseas left these films behind as an obsolete entity. That being said, “White Rock,” a film documenting the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Games, stands as both the final Olympic film of this nature and perhaps one of the greatest. 

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Pat on the back…

There seemed to a bit of push by local media outlets, big and small, to shop locally this Christmas season. Well, in case you haven’t heard, it seemed to pay off to some extent. This article in the Business Courier suggest that people are really responding this call to consumer action. I managed to do all of my shopping downtown and, I have to say, it feels pretty good to not have slogged through the local malls this year.