It’s Stupid or: A new movie I won’t be seeing

I would say that the majority of things I blog about are Cincinnati related. There is  however, one topic that I never get tired of being cranky about: sad-sack indie movies. I decided to cohesively write why this trailer for Some Days are Better than Others, a film popping up on the hip blogs, encapsulates my disdain for the present state of indie cinema, MOON excluded. I failed at doing this. Initially I was going to write what I saw as it happened during the trailer and then formulate a very witty and entertaining. The trailer was such a jumble of cliches and ham-fisted crybabiness that I just decided to present you with my unadulterated list. All punctuation, capitalizations and underlining are as they were on the back of the envelope it was originally written on. Press play and read along:

Uh-oh, ambient -scapes

Indie Rocker!

Oh-no – other sad movies

sad bus faces

Mediocre Acting

Craggy old people wisdom



Being by yourself



Filming alone

Eating alone

Old people friends

Sad bathroom alone

sad dogs

standing alone

vague dialogue

AAAND ROLL CREDITS! Congrats! You just made a bummed-out college freshman’s favorite movie! He and that also-bummed-out-girl that lives on 5 South can watch this in his dorm room and exchange smug glances every time they hear people having “fun” through the cold cinder block walls. Send that shit Sundance!

When it comes down to it, this movie probably does suck. Nobody will see it in theaters during its very limited release, and its main success will be a contingent of curious fans of late-90’s/early-00’s indie rock wondering whether people from a couple of their favorite bands can act. I’ll save you the money/Netflix queue space: they can’t.

Go see a movie with explosions and get some ice cream afterwards. I promise, you’ll feel much better the next day.




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