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Tips for your dining experience…


I’ve been working in the food service industry for most of my employed life. I’ve worked in the back of the house at big corporate restaurants, front of the house at tiny holes in the wall and I’ve been a barista at go knows how many coffee shops. Though I often feel like moving on, there is something I like about the work. You get to move around all day, you get to eat a lot for very little and, if you are smart, you develop a charm so effective you can make any octogenarian swoon with only a passing glance. As of late though, I’ve found behavior in restaurants has gotten worse.

I remember when I was in grade-school I had a habit of putting my feet up on the desk between subjects. Whenever the teacher caught me, she would ask “Do your parents let you put your feet up on the dinner table.” Being a smart-ass little kid, I recognized the flaw in this argument. The dining room table? No feet there, that’s where I eat. I would however, gladly put my feet up on my desk at home, it’s in MY room. I  understood what she was saying though, and, for the most part, the moral has stuck with me, as I suppose was intended: If you think your parents would frown upon it, don’t do it, especially in public.

So here is a handy-dandy list to help you through your dining experience. I won’t specifically mention where I’m at right now, mostly because I love my employer and 97% of my customers, and I don’t mean to blame them. There are many people in the food-service business though, quite a few of them my friends, and we all have these gripes. These gripes are then placed into a slow-cooker and allowed to simmer for a long time, becoming juicier and juicier with each added bullion cube of customer misbehavior. I’m dumping mine out as it has been cooking for too long. Many of these pointers will reinforce things you already know, but some people could use a refresher course:

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A Minor Cause…

I love living downtown, I always have. With the exception of my year(ish)-long excursion to Seattle, I’ve had my roots planted in the downtown area for near four years. I’ve watched Main Street slowly die and, thankfully, other areas claw there way up. Right now I’ve got a lot of hope for downtown and I feel like now, more than ever, so do a lot of other people. More and more people I talk to are either moving to the neighborhood or planning on doing so in the future. This is a huge change from a couple years ago where it was a struggle to even get my friends to hang out at my house. This is a great first step and is being pioneered by people who see what downtown will be. Not everyone has this kind of foresight though. Most people, and I can’t bame them, need a few more incentives to move on down here. The beautiful architecture, Findlay Market and incredibly rapid development just aren’t going to be enough to move out of Northside and Clifton. I’ve got one easy way to kick-start things. This is something that everyone who lives downtown, old and new residents alike, always complains about. The magic, oh-so-easy solution comes after the jump. Continue reading