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It’s Stupid or: A new movie I won’t be seeing

I would say that the majority of things I blog about are Cincinnati related. There is  however, one topic that I never get tired of being cranky about: sad-sack indie movies. I decided to cohesively write why this trailer for Some Days are Better than Others, a film popping up on the hip blogs, encapsulates my disdain for the present state of indie cinema, MOON excluded. I failed at doing this. Initially I was going to write what I saw as it happened during the trailer and then formulate a very witty and entertaining. The trailer was such a jumble of cliches and ham-fisted crybabiness that I just decided to present you with my unadulterated list. All punctuation, capitalizations and underlining are as they were on the back of the envelope it was originally written on. Press play and read along:

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Let me introduce you to… White Rock

There was a time when the Olympics didn’t take over your television sets for a full two week block. Before the advent of same-day satellite footage, a team of filmmakers would throw together Olympic highlights into a newsreel type of documentary so people could, if just for a couple of hours, participate in the current happenings overseas. By 1976 though, the ability to broadcast from overseas left these films behind as an obsolete entity. That being said, “White Rock,” a film documenting the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Games, stands as both the final Olympic film of this nature and perhaps one of the greatest. 

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Ooh ARG’s, stop preventing me from getting a job!

Those of you with jobs probably have no idea what an ARG is. It stands for Alternative Reality Game and they usually tie in as an elaborate, and pretty interesting, means of advertising a movie or TV show. Thing is, they can take a lot of time to slog through. “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” had one, “Jericho” gave it a try and “LOST” had a totally incredible one a few years ago. Now, I know these don’t necessarily have to be tied into TV shows, but as soon as they don’t involve nerdy television shows, things like this just feel waaaaaay too geeky. Thankfully two nerdy things on the horizon have begun ARG’s to keep me totally occupied doing nothing. is an extremely vague website that apparently is prepping us all for AMC’s very awesome sounding “Prisoner” remake. I’m kinda slow with pattern-based stuff, so this one has baffled me so far. There is one fantastic one that just started up, and if you have a little time you should give it a long hard look. Jump with me! Continue reading

Monthly Comic Book Round-up…pt.2 – The Comics!

I know, I know, I promised this yesterday. Sorry, I got side-tracked. First I started reading comics and then my house-mate Kevin and I took a field-trip to Anchor Grill for pie and ice cream. Shut-up, it was awesome. But I’m here now, so let’s talk about those comics you should be reading. I think I’ve got a good little selection here for you. In terms of an introduction Id just like to say that I don’t really read “alternative” comics. Nope, I like my comics full of superheroes, villains, monsters and spaceships. You know…cool stuff.  If I can’t have fun reading them I don’t see the point in spending money on them. So let’s at some books about kids, french space-wars and characters you know and love… Continue reading

Can’t Think…Looks Too Awesome

That’s right, the trailer has leaked. It will be shown before the Dark Knight, but I’m a nerd and just couldn’t wait to see it on the big screen. While I would much rather this be a 12 part HBO miniseries (c’mon 12 issues, 12 episodes…perfect!), this really does look amazing. If you’ve never read “Watchmen,” do yourself a favor and buy it. It’s not just the greatest graphic novel of all time, it’s up there as one of the best pieces of fiction of all time.

Empire Online will have it up tomorrow, but for the time being head over to to watch it. Also if you have extremely low standards on how you like things to look you can watch it on stupid youtube:

Looks amazing.



Passing the savings off to you…

Hey folks, sorry about the late post today, not feeling a 100%. Since I was feeling a little under the weather today though, I thought I’d talk a little about movies though. Who doesn’t love feeling a little crappy and spending the whole day in front of the TV rewatching DVD’s that generally go unwatched due to our busy lives. I actually can’t think of what else there is to do when you’re sick. Sure reading is good, but a person can only read for so long. When sick, reading can be too much of a “cold” media, to borrow from Marshall McLuhan.

For those not familiar with McLuhan’s idea of hot and cool media, the idea is simple. It all comes down to the amount of participation on the part of the user. In a book for example, to achieve the maximum amount of experience from the piece of work, you need to read and process the words, creating the image of what is happening in your head. The words may spell out everything that is going on but how you process it is up to you and requires a great deal of user participation. Of course some more abstract films do this too, but who watches those when you are sick? Of course, what is a “hot” and “cool” can be up to the users’ interpretation. A cartoon for example could could be considered “cool” since it can provide very little information and we are then forced to fill in some of the blanks. If we, on the other hand, simply allow ourselves to tune out and take everything in the cartoon at face-value, one could argue that the cartoon is a “hot” media.The general rule for this distinction is after the jump: Continue reading

This I wonder…

I’m setting a precedent right now. I’m never going to ever be posting on here during the weekends unless its really important. But, I’m not one to leave you high, dry and unentertained. In honor of the American Screenwriter’s Association now calling Cincinnati home, I now present today’s topic:

Check it out! That 1993 rollerblading movie shot in Cincinnati is totally on youtube! Yessssss…

Awesome! At the 3:54 mark they take a sharp turn at an awesome intersection near my house. At that corner there’s totally a mini-mart called “The Body Snatcher.” What a terrifying name for the place where you buy sodas. Messed up. To be honest though, the geography on this race is the tiniest bit shaky. There is not a linear progression from start to finish. They just picked a bunch of places and edit them together. For shame director-of-Airborne, for shame. If only you wouldn’t have lied in your movie Cincinnati could have still been the rollerblading Mecca of the world. So many tourism dollars lost. The downtown portion starts at at about 6:30 or so, making the fact that the street near my house is around two-and-a-half minutes earlier in the clip.

By the way, the score is amazing. You’ve seriously never heard so may orchestra stabs and guitar waaaaaaaaaails.

You can go back and watch it all from the start if you do a little bit of work. You’ll get the totally rad street hokey match downtown and Shane McDermott totally shredding in Krohn conservatory on a date. Oh, and I’m sorry, where did this halfpipe go?

Oh shit those stairs at the end of the clip are right around the corner from me.

Dude, “Airborne” is awesome.