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Oh. Hey….what’s up.

So, I just found some more time in my days. Im going to get this going again. What’s been up with you?

If your first question is “Where have you been?” My answer is “Lazytown.” My own personal Lazytown, not the one involving strange puppet children and a young raver heroine.

It’s not that there hasn’t been things to write about, either. In the past week there has been plenty to chat about. Big money for the streetcar, Martin Wade being a sunnabitch, and Lebron James. So we’ll start fresh here. Plenty of fun and interesting things have developed in the year or so since I last posted so I’ve got some catching up to do. You’ll be hearing more from me.

In the mean time, let’s nerd out! My brother just did this for the website io9. The television show “Firefly” had one of the worst intros ever, he has set out to rectify that by giving it some of that ’80s flavor. It was a golden age for theme songs and opening montages, and it makes me want to watch the show all over again…with more synths. Some people seem very upset by this lighthearted attempt to reimagine their favorite show, but then again Star Trek taught nerds that they never need to let go of anything. Anywho, enjoy, I guess it is going viral or something.




Hey! That’s Great!


Tuckers made it into the Gourmet magazine’s list of “Restaurants Worth the Money.” This news, while 100% deserved, is equal parts exciting, baffling and just a touch annoying (sorry, but its a small place). It takes a pretty close eye on things to recognize a place like Tuckers, so kudos to Gourmet as well. If you haven’t ever had your brunch at Tuckers I would do it soon or else risk never getting a table.

Take a look at the original article right here, and check out some of our worth-the-money midwestern neighbors. That 112 Eatery sounds delicious.

(Found via Visualingual who also recently completed a lovely new banner for grass console. Looks great!)

Love, John

Give me a minute…

Hey, I’ll get back to this whole thing in a little bit, I’ve got a few more pressing matters to deal with at present.  In the time being, head over to Cincy Streetcar’s new blog. This is something, especially with Obama’s promise to stimulate the economy via infrastructure projects, that we Cincinnatians need to get behind. People are trying to halt its progress and that is a real shame. So read, support and sell it to your friends.

CincyStreetcar Blog



It Is Always Free, You Dummies…

Hopefully this isn’t too little, too late, but I would just like to tell people that New Years Eve at the Northside Tavern is free. The Tavern is always free, thus this will be free. I’ve been hearing door prices ranging from 20 to 50 dollars, so I just want to remind people that it is actually zero dollars to get in. I would suggest getting there early though, it is going to be packed. I’m not really sure where this whole rumor got brewing but it is a big fat fail. Continue reading

I’m all for taking a stand, but seriously, finally…


Does that house in the right of that picture look familiar? Well it should if you’ve ever been around the Rookwood shopping behemoth. That’s Joe Horney’s house and he was the finally holdout in one of the largest “Eminent Domain” battles ever seen. Well, apparently he held out just long enough to get a nice big 1.25 million dollar paycheck. I’m all about keeping pushy legislators in check, but I’m glad this was finally resolved. It had become a bit of a depressing chain-linked eyesore. As a result of this whole showdown, Ohio now has stricter rules about the usage of eminent domain and Mr. Horney will be able to enjoy quite the retirement! While I’m not sure Rookwood really needs to continue sprawling into the area (why not try some other location guys?), I’ll honestly be glad to see the land put to some sort of use.

“Lone eminent domain property sold” (Enquirer)



I’m working on it! or Tonight at Murmur!

I’m working on a much longer “show calender” post due to the fact that we’ve got a load of good stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to get the word out on this one sooner rather than later. Tonight at Murmur there is going to be a great show happening. Headlining is Bulbs, who are a couple of guys who run around in the noise circles of music but produce something more akin to abstract minimalist techno. Opening up for them is my friend Alex, under his nom-de-musique Taiga Remains, Louisville’s Caboladies, and Wave and Particle. It should be a really good and noisy show at a newer space that should be paid more attention. Sorry, this is poorly written, but I wanted to get this one out before evening plans were cemented.

Make sure you look into Alex’s label Students of Decay. It’s totally a big deal and local. Order some stuff at his more traditional website.



Word of Warning…

Thanks everybody for being understanding during my hiatus. I was getting a little burnt out on life and needed a little time off to get all my assorted shits together. So, I’d just like to formally announce that later today I’ll be returning to blogging. First, I have to pay some bills, mail some bills and netflix, have a little lunch and then I’ll be sitting down to kick-start “Stop Working, Start Living” one more time. Once again, thanks for being patient with me!