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My bad, Journal of Popular Noise!

You deserve your own post too. Yesterday I posted a bit about Truckasauras and linked them primarily to Fourthcity. This is not a false connection, it’s very true in fact. My oversight lies in the fact that I talked a lot about the totally wonderful packaging that came in my giant manila envelope but did not once mention The Journal of Popular Noise. Kind of a dick move considering I paraphrased the guy’s really nice essay in it and have been pouring over its glossy pages for a couple days now.

Now, when it comes to music, I’m very much a packaging and design guy. A record is all by itself a step-up in the packaging game from a CD of the very same material. If the record, be it 7, 10, or 12 inches, can then do something interesting with the packaging my enjoyment increases ten-fold. I could go on and on and on about my favorite record packaging, but that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. Suffice it to say, I love music, I love design and yes, I am a person who will put on a record and then sit in my rocking chair fondling the package it was presented to me in. Continue reading


The first monthly music round up…

There are two things I know, and that you should know too. The first is that I love music, the second is that I have no desire to write exclusively about music. This does not mean that I won’t occasionally talk about it though. Don’t like it? Deal, jerk. Not everything’s gonna be new, not everything will be old. So just sit back, listen and consider. I promise it won’t be too painful.

It’s not a mystery to most people I know that I mostly stick to electronic music. Within that I tend to lean more towards the dance oriented end of things. It’s not that I dislike slow things particularly, it’s just that most of the time fast things with a beat fit with my mental state. If a song doesn’t totally glue itself into my skull after a couple listens, I’ll pretty much give up on it. You won’t generally see me at noise shows. Nothing against those cats, I just could give a damn. So let’s move and shake, shall we?

Oh yeah, and just in case (thought this seems highly unlikely), if anyone playing this music has an issue with me putting this stuff up here, just be nice and ask. I’ll take it down.

First up is a song by Panico from their 2005 album “Subliminal Kill.” It’s called “Transpira-Lo” and it’s in Spanish. Grooves abound.

This next one is a song called “Remember Love” by Noze. I know absolutely nothing about these guys except that the piano line and chorus of this song was wedged in the front of my brain for days.

I had a hard time picking one song off of Copy’s “Hair Guitar.” I chose “Zipper Problems” for its name and because its sounds like Dr. Dre producing music on a GAMEBOY.

Man, I’ve had this Shinichi Osawa record on my computer for ages, I’ve barely ever listened to it. This song, “Star Guitar,” came on during an otherwise uneventful iPod shuffle. I totally lost my shit for its 6 minute length.

About a year ago, this guy on a message board I go to started posting albums off of the Active Suspension label. I downloaded a lot of it, but Hypo’s “Karaoke A Capella” was the true standout. This track is off of Hypo’s collaboration with lady-type EDH. It’s called “Naughty Place.” Its weird and catchy as hell. More people need to pay attention to Hypo.

This last one is a totally amazing song. French synth disco. How amazingly dissinterested does that singer sound?!?! It’s awesome! I present Thirteen at Midnight’s “Other Passengers.”