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One last time…maybe. Dance_MF is tomorrow!

Party Garbage‘s brothers in dance, Dance_MF, will be hosting their first night at Northside Tavern tomorrow night. Like we Party Garbage folk, they believe in an atmosphere where dancing and DJ’s are merely part of the fun. So get ready for their inaugural night of art, video, music, dance and just plain fun! You all better be there, it’s totally gonna blow your mind!

DANCE_MF @ Northside Tavern

Saturday, Aug 2

4163 Hamilton Ave.


Be There!

See Them Make Posters!




Metronomy @ the Gypsy Hut Tonight!

Metronomy plays at the Gypsy Hut tonight with locals Eat Sugar opening up for them. I promise you that this show is going to be loads of fun. Come on out, you won’t regret it!

Gypsy Hut

4231 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Here’s a track by Metronomy to wet your musical whistle:

Metronomy – Heartbreaker

P.S. – Theres a few more of their songs hidden in this post.

Worlds Collide…French Synths

If there’s two things I love it is synthesizers and the french. I’m an unapologetic francophile (as George Michael Bluth says, I like the way they think). Thankfully for me the french also love synthesizers. A couple of days ago a friend of mine passed along a compilation to me knowing that these two fact about myself. BIPPP (French Synthwave 1979-85 is pretty much what the title implies, French synth-based new-wave from the alotted tme period. The great thing about French music is that it somehow has the ability to walk the fine line between lecherous and beautiful. Recent acts like Sebastien Tellier and TTC, as well as non-french groups like Hot Chip, Midnight Juggernauts and Chromatics, owe a great deal to these folks. So let us take a look at a few of the key tracks and where some of the sounds on this record have landed today. Continue reading

Hey, I promised…

I said earlier that I was maybe going to do a continuous mix for you, my readers. Well, I was messing around with it today, and I thought I’d hand over what I made. I’m all about open lines of communication. Just to be clear though, this is a semi-half-assed effort. The songs are good, I can assure you that, but some of the transitions are less than stellar. I also did a crap job at cleaning up a little screw up, aaaaaand kinda got an itchy trigger finger with the effects at the end. But hey, its the first one. I’m not going to try and kid you and make you think I’m great right off the bat. So, that’s the disclaimer. This is far from perfect, but it should be OK for your drive home from work. So enjoy, I promise I’ll put more work into the next one.

So, here it is (right-click to save):

Party Garbage Queen City Jazz Mix (Beta Edition)

Continue reading

The Second Monthly Music Round-up


Happy July! I took a long weekend from posting, but I’m back. Promise. Hope all you red-blooded Americans had a very good fourth of July. Thanks to everyone who came out to the inaugural Party Garbage night. Kendall and I were very happy to see everyone. Sorry if the fog got a little excessive, I forgot to turn the machine off occasionally. You know it made things totally awesome, though. Hope to see everyone the next time we do it. Haven’t got a date on that yet, but you’ll be the first to know when we do.

Seeing as its the beginning of the month, what better time to have our second music round-up? This month we have a collection of more fun. Hopefully there will be a few things you’ll enjoy, a few things that will validate your tastes, and all things that will make you feel a little funky in your working environment. Let’s get it started, shall we? Boogie bumpin’ after the jump! Continue reading

The first monthly music round up…

There are two things I know, and that you should know too. The first is that I love music, the second is that I have no desire to write exclusively about music. This does not mean that I won’t occasionally talk about it though. Don’t like it? Deal, jerk. Not everything’s gonna be new, not everything will be old. So just sit back, listen and consider. I promise it won’t be too painful.

It’s not a mystery to most people I know that I mostly stick to electronic music. Within that I tend to lean more towards the dance oriented end of things. It’s not that I dislike slow things particularly, it’s just that most of the time fast things with a beat fit with my mental state. If a song doesn’t totally glue itself into my skull after a couple listens, I’ll pretty much give up on it. You won’t generally see me at noise shows. Nothing against those cats, I just could give a damn. So let’s move and shake, shall we?

Oh yeah, and just in case (thought this seems highly unlikely), if anyone playing this music has an issue with me putting this stuff up here, just be nice and ask. I’ll take it down.

First up is a song by Panico from their 2005 album “Subliminal Kill.” It’s called “Transpira-Lo” and it’s in Spanish. Grooves abound.

This next one is a song called “Remember Love” by Noze. I know absolutely nothing about these guys except that the piano line and chorus of this song was wedged in the front of my brain for days.

I had a hard time picking one song off of Copy’s “Hair Guitar.” I chose “Zipper Problems” for its name and because its sounds like Dr. Dre producing music on a GAMEBOY.

Man, I’ve had this Shinichi Osawa record on my computer for ages, I’ve barely ever listened to it. This song, “Star Guitar,” came on during an otherwise uneventful iPod shuffle. I totally lost my shit for its 6 minute length.

About a year ago, this guy on a message board I go to started posting albums off of the Active Suspension label. I downloaded a lot of it, but Hypo’s “Karaoke A Capella” was the true standout. This track is off of Hypo’s collaboration with lady-type EDH. It’s called “Naughty Place.” Its weird and catchy as hell. More people need to pay attention to Hypo.

This last one is a totally amazing song. French synth disco. How amazingly dissinterested does that singer sound?!?! It’s awesome! I present Thirteen at Midnight’s “Other Passengers.”