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Party Garbage Mix (Round 2)

I was at a loss of words today. I know that’s a rarity with me but I honestly couldn’t think of a single thing to write about. A week or so ago I posted the first of my mixes claiming that I would be doing more (and hopefully better ones) sometime in the near future. Well, since I was having my first case writer’s block for this I decided to go ahead and do another one of these. Technically, Party Garbage is myself and Kendall Bruns, but these are all me hiding beneath an umbrella name.

I wanted to post this earlier but ended up screwing the proverbial DJ-mix pooch a few times and had to restart since I’m doing these live. I’m not the worlds greatest DJ, but I think they work well for personal dance parties and drives home. There are a couple slip up hiding in the 50 minutes that this thing goes on, but hopefully that doesn’t make them less fun. I had fun making it in my study, so I think it will be doubly fun for you while you’re running errands, exercising, kickin’ it with 40’s, stoopin’ it or just doing some work. So, please to enjoy Party Garbage’s second foray into bringing us into your home:

Party GarbageThe Culture and Values Mix

(Right-Click to Download) or nab a .zip of it from zShare

or listen here

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Hey, I promised…

I said earlier that I was maybe going to do a continuous mix for you, my readers. Well, I was messing around with it today, and I thought I’d hand over what I made. I’m all about open lines of communication. Just to be clear though, this is a semi-half-assed effort. The songs are good, I can assure you that, but some of the transitions are less than stellar. I also did a crap job at cleaning up a little screw up, aaaaaand kinda got an itchy trigger finger with the effects at the end. But hey, its the first one. I’m not going to try and kid you and make you think I’m great right off the bat. So, that’s the disclaimer. This is far from perfect, but it should be OK for your drive home from work. So enjoy, I promise I’ll put more work into the next one.

So, here it is (right-click to save):

Party Garbage Queen City Jazz Mix (Beta Edition)

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Upcoming events…that involve me!

Hey, Kendall and I are DJ’ing on July 4th. Come to it. We’re totally going to be fun. I wonder if I’ll be allowed to set fireworks off in the C&D. Be a proper American! Come drink with your money and dance for free!