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The Imperial Theater or: The Need For A Venue

3. You need to train yourself to believe that the world cares about what you have to say.

-John Hodgman, “The Six Essentials”

Yes, it has been a while, and I’m getting back to blogging. Hopefully the above quote explains why I stopped blogging, and writing in general actually, and why I’m also getting back into it. I could do a lengthy paragraph (or nine) about stopping, the reasons behind it, the great sense of indifference I felt towards casting off words to be maybe/maybe-not read by the internet masses, but that’s boring. Let’s just get back into things. Now, I will say that the blog entries will be coming to you in a diminished volume relative to the last go around. For whatever reason, I was forcing myself to churn out two-to-three blog entries a day. This led to three things:

1. More daily entertainment for you. That’s a good thing, of course.

2. Annoyance that I had to write that much. Funny thing is though, it was entirely my own doing.

3. A lack of things to write about. I was really stretching at times towards the end. Stretching for subjects is hardly enjoyable.

But let’s move past this and talk about something, something that I’ve ranted about many-a-night to my friends while imbibing a few cocktails. Some claim its funny when I get ranty, but I have a hard time believing that. Either way, let’s talk about venues, as in we don’t have one where there should be one. Brace yourself kids, this could get long.

Think of the concerts you’ve been to in the past few months. Where did you see them? If you are like many people, Midpoint notwithstanding, you were at one of the bars in Northside, Southgate House or (shudder) Bogarts. In the past few years the amount of venues has dwindled drastically. With Top Cat’s, Alchemize and Sudsy Malone’s closing, the city was left with a great deal fewer places for bands to play. Thankfully Northside Tavern recognized this and opened up the beautiful back room. But I want to propose to you a different kind of venue. As Cincinnati concert-goers there will most likely be some things about this hypothetical venue that you won’t like, but hear me out. 

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Let’s Look Inside…Iris Book Cafe

I’ll say it now, I’m sort of in love with this place already. My housemate and I rolled on down to the Iris Book Cafe last week, unknowingly arriving on their first official full day of operation. I had seen a little movement in there over the past few months and had been wondering what exactly the place was going to be like. Well, no worries, the space and atmosphere is absolutely wonderful. Also, in a city where there needs to be equal parts competition and cooperation, Iris has decided to cherry-pick the best of Cincinnati’s cafes, bringing them together in a lovely, both warm and modern space. You, the patron can have your choice of Emporium coffee, Essencha Tea, and, for your sweet tooth, Aglamesis Bros. ice cream. Continue reading

A Minor Cause…

I love living downtown, I always have. With the exception of my year(ish)-long excursion to Seattle, I’ve had my roots planted in the downtown area for near four years. I’ve watched Main Street slowly die and, thankfully, other areas claw there way up. Right now I’ve got a lot of hope for downtown and I feel like now, more than ever, so do a lot of other people. More and more people I talk to are either moving to the neighborhood or planning on doing so in the future. This is a huge change from a couple years ago where it was a struggle to even get my friends to hang out at my house. This is a great first step and is being pioneered by people who see what downtown will be. Not everyone has this kind of foresight though. Most people, and I can’t bame them, need a few more incentives to move on down here. The beautiful architecture, Findlay Market and incredibly rapid development just aren’t going to be enough to move out of Northside and Clifton. I’ve got one easy way to kick-start things. This is something that everyone who lives downtown, old and new residents alike, always complains about. The magic, oh-so-easy solution comes after the jump. Continue reading