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This I wonder…

I’m setting a precedent right now. I’m never going to ever be posting on here during the weekends unless its really important. But, I’m not one to leave you high, dry and unentertained. In honor of the American Screenwriter’s Association now calling Cincinnati home, I now present today’s topic:

Check it out! That 1993 rollerblading movie shot in Cincinnati is totally on youtube! Yessssss…

Awesome! At the 3:54 mark they take a sharp turn at an awesome intersection near my house. At that corner there’s totally a mini-mart called “The Body Snatcher.” What a terrifying name for the place where you buy sodas. Messed up. To be honest though, the geography on this race is the tiniest bit shaky. There is not a linear progression from start to finish. They just picked a bunch of places and edit them together. For shame director-of-Airborne, for shame. If only you wouldn’t have lied in your movie Cincinnati could have still been the rollerblading Mecca of the world. So many tourism dollars lost. The downtown portion starts at at about 6:30 or so, making the fact that the street near my house is around two-and-a-half minutes earlier in the clip.

By the way, the score is amazing. You’ve seriously never heard so may orchestra stabs and guitar waaaaaaaaaails.

You can go back and watch it all from the start if you do a little bit of work. You’ll get the totally rad street hokey match downtown and Shane McDermott totally shredding in Krohn conservatory on a date. Oh, and I’m sorry, where did this halfpipe go?

Oh shit those stairs at the end of the clip are right around the corner from me.

Dude, “Airborne” is awesome.