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Whatever Happened To The Theme Song?

This is a topic that keeps popping up in my conversations as of late. In recent film and television productions there is a great lack of great theme songs. For most of film and TV history a great theme song was crucial to a successful project. The trend of licensing songs has killed this. Instead of composing a great theme for a character or for the opening of a movie we are left with films that attempt to cram as many “cool” songs into their runtime as they possibly can. Of course John Williams is the probably the most successful at this. His scores are inseparable from the films they back. But would “Robocop” really be itself without this:

I honestly can’t think of Robocop without thinking of that piece of music. That’s the power of a great theme. That’s why we ALL know the Star Wars music. Sure, LOST’s anti-theme is great and works for the show, but not EVERYBODY has to do it. Wouldn’t all cop related projects if they had cool theme songs? I think so:

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Passing the savings off to you…

Hey folks, sorry about the late post today, not feeling a 100%. Since I was feeling a little under the weather today though, I thought I’d talk a little about movies though. Who doesn’t love feeling a little crappy and spending the whole day in front of the TV rewatching DVD’s that generally go unwatched due to our busy lives. I actually can’t think of what else there is to do when you’re sick. Sure reading is good, but a person can only read for so long. When sick, reading can be too much of a “cold” media, to borrow from Marshall McLuhan.

For those not familiar with McLuhan’s idea of hot and cool media, the idea is simple. It all comes down to the amount of participation on the part of the user. In a book for example, to achieve the maximum amount of experience from the piece of work, you need to read and process the words, creating the image of what is happening in your head. The words may spell out everything that is going on but how you process it is up to you and requires a great deal of user participation. Of course some more abstract films do this too, but who watches those when you are sick? Of course, what is a “hot” and “cool” can be up to the users’ interpretation. A cartoon for example could could be considered “cool” since it can provide very little information and we are then forced to fill in some of the blanks. If we, on the other hand, simply allow ourselves to tune out and take everything in the cartoon at face-value, one could argue that the cartoon is a “hot” media.The general rule for this distinction is after the jump: Continue reading


AWESOME!!! So, after much deliberating last night, I sucked it up and ventured over to the Levee’s AMC for the midnight showing of “Wanted.” This is the short review: YEAH!!! Now lets dig in for something a little longer, perhaps a little more in-depth. For as silly a movie as it is, a film-goer can still glean a little something by breaking through the violent, glossy hard shell that this movie is surrounded by. This, of course, is thanks to the source material, the (dare-I-say) more violent and all around meaner comic book of the same name by Mark Millar and J.G. Jone. The film could easily be written off as violence porn, adolescent wish-fulfillment or middle-class angst (all of which the film is) but if you want a little more out of it, it’s there for you. Continue reading