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What was up? YYA at the Tavern!

show 1

Of course, right after I said I was starting up again I disappeared for a week or so. This whole holiday season can be both overly busy and I attribute most of my absence to that. The other thing distracting me was the inaugural You, You’re Awesome show at the tavern. I used my limited ability to run lights to make the evening that much more fun… hopefully. All in all, I’d say the night went off without a hitch, so here are a few pictures from what should be the first of many shows. More pictures of the fun had after the jump!

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Save the date!

Next Thursday I expect the lot of you to attend the inaugural You, You’re Awesome show at the Tavern. Kevin and Yusef will be manning the instruments and I’ll be doing my damnedest to produce and interesting light show to compliment the completely awesome video accompaniment. This will really be something exciting so come on down. I may or may not be DJ’ing afterwards as well, we’ll see. If enough of you show up and decide to enjoy yourself into the wee hours, I definitely will be. There are more surprises to be had that night as well. Mystery abounds! Good friend Ben Davis, of Bad Veins, will be opening up as well. Sounds like fun, right? Yes, yes it does.

Here’s a little treat for you to chew on. Unsanctioned mp3 giveaway!

You, You’re Awesome – You and Your Bad Self



P.S. The poster was done by Yusef and Julie.

Round 2 begins Saturday!

Your monthly two-weekend-spanning dance marathon begins this Saturday, September 6, with the second installment of Dance_MF. Last month’s was quite the success, and this time it should be that much better. I was in a rather rare form at their first night which is always a good sign. People tell me I’m a fun drunk and I don’t think they would lie to me…would they? This month Cincinnati’s A/V-Dance-meltdown night takes on “Back To School.” Good luck guys, get your homework done!


September 6 @ Northside Tavern

4163 Hamilton Ave.

And, as always, our own Party Garbage will be having their third installment at the C&D the following weekend. More details on that later, this week is Dance_MF’s week.



One last time…maybe. Dance_MF is tomorrow!

Party Garbage‘s brothers in dance, Dance_MF, will be hosting their first night at Northside Tavern tomorrow night. Like we Party Garbage folk, they believe in an atmosphere where dancing and DJ’s are merely part of the fun. So get ready for their inaugural night of art, video, music, dance and just plain fun! You all better be there, it’s totally gonna blow your mind!

DANCE_MF @ Northside Tavern

Saturday, Aug 2

4163 Hamilton Ave.


Be There!

See Them Make Posters!



This post is only partially self-serving…

I know, I know, four days is a long time not to hear from me. Fear not, I am very much alive. I was in DC for the weekend and had a somewhat busy Monday. Well, busy for me anyways. Either way, I’m back and today we’re going to be talking about a couple of fun events events coming up in the next few weeks. Now, this is why this little post will be partially self-serving, I’m involved in one of them. In the spirit of good sportsmanship though, the other squad gets to go first. Plus they are first on the calender. So let me introduce you to two nights meant to get your feet moving: Dance Motherfucker and Party Garbage. Continue reading

Your Sunday Show Prep…Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

In my effort to get a few more people out to exciting national acts coming through the area, as well as fantastic local types, I’ve decided to take a few extra steps. The first one was yesterday’s show calender (scroll past the little rant, I promise those won’t come with every forecast) and today is the first installment of the second step. Now, generally I don’t like going to shows where I have no idea what I’m getting into. Even if I’ve heard and digested only a couple of songs by an artist I tend to have a million times more fun than if I have no background with them. So today well highlight an artist who will performing at the Northside Tavern (new back room!) on Sunday, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. Normally I’ll do these a little closer to the show (day of or before, generally) but I’ll be out of town for a couple of days and won’t be able to keep up as much. So let’s get started a little prematurely, shall we? Continue reading

Cincinnati Show Forecast, Helping You Since Circa…Today

As a big follower and lover of music I find that there is one thing semi-frustrating about Cincinnati shows. Actually, let me rephrase that already, it’s both endearing and frustrating. What is this thing, you ask? The turnout at shows that come through these parts. For example, take the Holy Fuck show a few months ago. Now, to put a little perspective on this, the two or three times I’ve tried to see them outside of Cincinnati, be it in Seattle or DC, the shows have been sold-out. When they played at the Gypsy Hut recently I would have put the attendance somewhere around 30 people. Really guys? C’mon. I know there are more than 30 people in Cincinnati who like Holy Fuck. Even if you’ve never heard of them, just trust me, there are more than 30 people in the city who like them. The same thing happens every time I’ve seen Dead Meadow here. They are generally a sell-out-crowd band, but here were talking about the Southgate House being at half-capacity. We’re lucky their drummer is from here and that he likes to stop by home while on tour. [First a fun little rant, then a helpful 2-week calender] Continue reading