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Doing my part!

Full disclosure, I live with the guy.

Look, it’s Soft City Lights! Kevin makes videos for the world with a nice Cincinnati focus. We all love our city, you should too. (I know all this stuff looks better on vimeo, but wordpress is being a jerk about that.)

There’s plenty more videos where that came from, and more in the foreseeable future if Mr. Bayer ever gets around to editing them. Busy, I know.

Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. Kevin Bayer!

Oh, and he and some of my cohorts made this for 48 hr. film festival. It’s a lesbian western and features the music of locals Turnbull AC’s, Billy Catfish (plus his acting talents) and Moon High:

Now it’s been blogged about twice!!! I took part in Pizza Infinity’s production for the same deal. It’s not online yet, but as soon as it is you’ll be seeing it.