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Daniel Martin Moore at Soft City Lights…

Just a quick post for you readers. Daniel Martin Moore is a semi-local artist. I say semi only because although it would be easy to claim him as our own, he seems pretty devoted to Kentucky. I would just feel guilty trying to take that away from him. These videos were edited by Kevin Bayer for his Soft City Lights website and shot by Kevin, Kendall Bruns and myself. Holding the camera is easy but making quiet music interesting is a¬†sisyphean task. So kudos to Kevin. While Kevin isn’t doing Soft City Lights he plays in You, You’re Awesome, The Damn Thing, and lends his DJ and video talents to Dance_MF. Also, look for a music video for a certain local band in the near future. I’ll say this much, the filming of it made the ceiling of my garage collapse. Unexpectedly raucous!¬†

The video for “Smile” after the jump. Continue reading

Doing my part!

Full disclosure, I live with the guy.

Look, it’s Soft City Lights! Kevin makes videos for the world with a nice Cincinnati focus. We all love our city, you should too. (I know all this stuff looks better on vimeo, but wordpress is being a jerk about that.)

There’s plenty more videos where that came from, and more in the foreseeable future if Mr. Bayer ever gets around to editing them. Busy, I know.

Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. Kevin Bayer!

Oh, and he and some of my cohorts made this for 48 hr. film festival. It’s a lesbian western and features the music of locals Turnbull AC’s, Billy Catfish (plus his acting talents) and Moon High:

Now it’s been blogged about twice!!! I took part in Pizza Infinity’s production for the same deal. It’s not online yet, but as soon as it is you’ll be seeing it.