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September already? Monthly Music Roundup….

Man, time really flies. It’s time once again for the monthly music roundup!

First of all, though, that show I mentioned the other day was really fantastic. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and bad really wowed me, to be honest. I liked his album a lot, but he really killed live. It always makes me happy when someone is far more raw and ragged live. Like many others, I would have lumped him into a more “folk” category while listening to the album. Post-show though I’d say he plays things like he made the best Springsteen/Replacements album that was never recorded. His ability to down a beer in the amount of time it takes to walk from his guitar to the keyboards was also kind of impressive. But let’s get down to business. Let’s see what’s been lighting a fire in my nethers in the past month.

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Worlds Collide…French Synths

If there’s two things I love it is synthesizers and the french. I’m an unapologetic francophile (as George Michael Bluth says, I like the way they think). Thankfully for me the french also love synthesizers. A couple of days ago a friend of mine passed along a compilation to me knowing that these two fact about myself. BIPPP (French Synthwave 1979-85 is pretty much what the title implies, French synth-based new-wave from the alotted tme period. The great thing about French music is that it somehow has the ability to walk the fine line between lecherous and beautiful. Recent acts like Sebastien Tellier and TTC, as well as non-french groups like Hot Chip, Midnight Juggernauts and Chromatics, owe a great deal to these folks. So let us take a look at a few of the key tracks and where some of the sounds on this record have landed today. Continue reading