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Gift Giving…


I know we are all broke. Until this past weekend I hadn’t really left my neighborhood in about three weeks. I get it. For the most part, I would say that Christmas is taking a year off. Kids should get presents due to their being children, but adults should take it easy. HOWEVER, you should still buy presents for a select few. Since I’ve been poor-ish for a while my family already know who the lucky few are and have come to grips with it… or ¬†have never noticed I don’t buy them anything. If you are going to buy presents this year, I urge you to go local. Now, I don’t really have a vehement hate for most big-box stores. In fact, the idea of buying bananas, a PS3, a digital tire pressure gauge and a Beta fish all in the same space has always seemed vaguely pleasurable to me. But this year I ask you to stay away from the malls, the Targets and any other space that takes 10 minutes to walk across.¬†

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Cool Stuff! Visualingual’s Cincinnati design…

Whenever I’ve got a commenter, I like to click around and see whats up with them. I like know who is checking out what I do and seeing what it is they are up to. When I clicked on recent commenter Visualingual’s link I found out that it’s a blog run in conjunction with a Cincinnati design studio who have some great looking items to offer. I’m a sucker for items that are esoteric but have the ability to be loved purely for their design alone. Take a look at the great, mostly-local, design and architecture blog run by co-founder Maya Drozdz, as well as their online store. The blog does a wonderful job of picking up on those little design and architecture minutiae that make Cincinnati an awesome place to be fully, both mentally and physically, present in. Anywho, as soon as I’ve got a little more moneys in my pocket I plan on protecting my coffee table from evil condensation with their Vine Street Coaster set!

Perhaps you prefer the mighty Ohio to keeps your tables safe….

And did I hear rumblings of an OTR themed tea towel set? Yes! If you prefer buying things in person you can also buy their wares at the CAC’s shop, both MiCA locations (O’Bryonville and Downtown), and NVISION in Northside.

Visualingual blog

Visualingual store