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Early Reminder…

Just like last month, Kendall and I will be DJ’ing at the C&D on August 9 under the moniker of Party Garbage. That’s a Saturday, so there are very few excuses not to come. Kendall and I promise more of a party than last time, and that isn’t a promise we take lightly. I think you could be pleasantly surprised by the strides we’ve taken in the last month. I mean, we totally have two posters this month, and I’ve spent a (relative) fortune on things that make a papery mess! So come on over and say “hi,” we don’t bite and we’d love to see you move.


Hey, I promised…

I said earlier that I was maybe going to do a continuous mix for you, my readers. Well, I was messing around with it today, and I thought I’d hand over what I made. I’m all about open lines of communication. Just to be clear though, this is a semi-half-assed effort. The songs are good, I can assure you that, but some of the transitions are less than stellar. I also did a crap job at cleaning up a little screw up, aaaaaand kinda got an itchy trigger finger with the effects at the end. But hey, its the first one. I’m not going to try and kid you and make you think I’m great right off the bat. So, that’s the disclaimer. This is far from perfect, but it should be OK for your drive home from work. So enjoy, I promise I’ll put more work into the next one.

So, here it is (right-click to save):

Party Garbage Queen City Jazz Mix (Beta Edition)

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