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It Is Always Free, You Dummies…

Hopefully this isn’t too little, too late, but I would just like to tell people that New Years Eve at the Northside Tavern is free. The Tavern is always free, thus this will be free. I’ve been hearing door prices ranging from 20 to 50 dollars, so I just want to remind people that it is actually zero dollars to get in. I would suggest getting there early though, it is going to be packed. I’m not really sure where this whole rumor got brewing but it is a big fat fail. Continue reading


Your New Years Plans!

Special edition, non-weekend DMF tonight alongside a midnight performance by Bad Veins. Come on down and ring out a fairly lackluster 2008. (Yes, I know Obama was elected this year, but most of the other stuff kinda blew.) Here is to 2009 being a whole lot better!

End of the Year List….

I wasn’t honestly planning on doing anything like this, mostly because I love to hate best-of lists. But since more than a couple people asked me to do it, I thought I would take the easy way out on content and put up a couple. I though that today we would just get the music one out of the way. I’m always in a weird place with music lists at the end of the year. I’ve never really been one for the serious artistry kind of music, normally opting out  for cheap thrills. For example, Fleet Foxes seemed to be topping a lot of peoples lists, they would not even come close to being on my lists due to the fact that they make me sleepy. For me, the best music is thrilling, something that I listen to and get really excited about. For whatever reason many of the softer spoken albums that come out just don’t supply the visceral thrill that I really need. So, in no particular order, these are the albums and singles that supplied my fix this year. (As a disclaimer, I’m only going to post tracks for the albums that I didn’t hear much about from other people this year.) Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading

What was up? YYA at the Tavern!

show 1

Of course, right after I said I was starting up again I disappeared for a week or so. This whole holiday season can be both overly busy and I attribute most of my absence to that. The other thing distracting me was the inaugural You, You’re Awesome show at the tavern. I used my limited ability to run lights to make the evening that much more fun… hopefully. All in all, I’d say the night went off without a hitch, so here are a few pictures from what should be the first of many shows. More pictures of the fun had after the jump!

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Save the date!

Next Thursday I expect the lot of you to attend the inaugural You, You’re Awesome show at the Tavern. Kevin and Yusef will be manning the instruments and I’ll be doing my damnedest to produce and interesting light show to compliment the completely awesome video accompaniment. This will really be something exciting so come on down. I may or may not be DJ’ing afterwards as well, we’ll see. If enough of you show up and decide to enjoy yourself into the wee hours, I definitely will be. There are more surprises to be had that night as well. Mystery abounds! Good friend Ben Davis, of Bad Veins, will be opening up as well. Sounds like fun, right? Yes, yes it does.

Here’s a little treat for you to chew on. Unsanctioned mp3 giveaway!

You, You’re Awesome – You and Your Bad Self



P.S. The poster was done by Yusef and Julie.

Gift Giving…


I know we are all broke. Until this past weekend I hadn’t really left my neighborhood in about three weeks. I get it. For the most part, I would say that Christmas is taking a year off. Kids should get presents due to their being children, but adults should take it easy. HOWEVER, you should still buy presents for a select few. Since I’ve been poor-ish for a while my family already know who the lucky few are and have come to grips with it… or  have never noticed I don’t buy them anything. If you are going to buy presents this year, I urge you to go local. Now, I don’t really have a vehement hate for most big-box stores. In fact, the idea of buying bananas, a PS3, a digital tire pressure gauge and a Beta fish all in the same space has always seemed vaguely pleasurable to me. But this year I ask you to stay away from the malls, the Targets and any other space that takes 10 minutes to walk across. 

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Little bit of sad news…

Sure, we all know that Peter Frampton resides in these parts, but we unfortunately lost another, perhaps lesser known, local musical talent on Sunday. Dennis Yost, singer and drummer for 60’s pop group Classics IV, best known for their songs “Stormy”, “Spooky” (above) and “Traces,” passed on due to respiratory faliure. Yost was 65.