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What was up? YYA at the Tavern!

show 1

Of course, right after I said I was starting up again I disappeared for a week or so. This whole holiday season can be both overly busy and I attribute most of my absence to that. The other thing distracting me was the inaugural You, You’re Awesome show at the tavern. I used my limited ability to run lights to make the evening that much more fun… hopefully. All in all, I’d say the night went off without a hitch, so here are a few pictures from what should be the first of many shows. More pictures of the fun had after the jump!

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Save the date!

Next Thursday I expect the lot of you to attend the inaugural You, You’re Awesome show at the Tavern. Kevin and Yusef will be manning the instruments and I’ll be doing my damnedest to produce and interesting light show to compliment the completely awesome video accompaniment. This will really be something exciting so come on down. I may or may not be DJ’ing afterwards as well, we’ll see. If enough of you show up and decide to enjoy yourself into the wee hours, I definitely will be. There are more surprises to be had that night as well. Mystery abounds! Good friend Ben Davis, of Bad Veins, will be opening up as well. Sounds like fun, right? Yes, yes it does.

Here’s a little treat for you to chew on. Unsanctioned mp3 giveaway!

You, You’re Awesome – You and Your Bad Self



P.S. The poster was done by Yusef and Julie.

You, You’re Awesome…

Twice a week there are bands in my basement. Both of these bands involve the two mysterious people above. For the sake of people not thinking I’m totally full of myself (I mean, I am a little bit), I would like to say for the record I am neither of these people. The other band will be revealed in due time, but for now let’s just focus on one of them. You, You’re Awesome is a live-electronics, all drums ruckus machine that will be invading our fair city any day now. As the only person who has actually heard them play live, I promise you that they are going to be your new favorite band. Let’ learn more, let’s listen, let’s jump! Continue reading